Quinn Cat receives great customer service feedback

At Quinn Company we strive to provide the best service, products and support. Our commitment to this and our company values are evident in the recent feedback that we received from Torrey Lepp, auto pool manager at Atascadero State Hospital. He was very pleased with the quick follow-up he received for information on new Cat equipment. We appreciate the positive feedback and look forward to a successful business partnership.

“I just wanted to pass on my experience with management. I am a new auto pool manager 1-A at DSH here at Atascadero State Hospital and I have been put in charge of updating our fleet of two tractors due to CARB regulations and the age of our equipment.

I went online and did a search for backhoe and CAT/Quinn came up first. I then went to the Build & Price option and started filling out the boxes on options that would work for our facility; with ease, understanding and full clarity on exactly what I was choosing. The site was well designed for new to the industry customers. At the end, the box popped up to get a quote; of course, I clicked on this and felt no pressure filling out the information. It seemed once again well laid out and easy to navigate. I went back to my search and went to the next website being Case Equipment and was beyond frustrated within a few minutes; unable to understand options, hard to navigate, and just plain frustrating. All of a sudden, I get an email from your local sales rep. David Needelman from Santa Maria. He offered to come out the following day and go over our needs and give me any further information if needed. Blown away by this, I just went ahead and closed my webpage I was on. Job well done!

Here I am the following day, 9:30 AM and David is 5 minutes early, with a smile on his face and info in hand. Well-articulated, well versed in not only CAT but in why we should choose CAT; not only the many benefits in the product but also the staff that will service and warranty this equipment. SOLD!! I will do everything in my power to guide our facility to not only go with CAT, but to stay local and support this amazing staff that you have. Thank you for such a great experience and I look forward to doing business with CAT in the future.

David Needelman is an amazing representation of CAT and what you have put together in a whole.” – Torrey Lepp