Lift Trucks

A lift truck is an investment in your company’s productivity. When you trust your services to the experts, you can ensure you’re getting the best value and greatest return. At Quinn Lift, we’re your source for professional lift truck maintenance in Central California, Southern California and Yuma, Arizona. We also perform all levels of forklift repair, with in-shop and field service available, to help you stay your most productive.

Total Forklift Maintenance and Repair Solutions

We have multiple locations staffed by expert technicians capable of working on all model forklifts from all manufacturers, including those outside the brands we carry. You can depend on your local team to help you experience minimal downtime and get the most from your equipment.

Planned Maintenance Services

Following the recommended maintenance schedule will help your lift truck achieve maximum output and help you avoid surprise repairs. Our Planned Maintenance Program will help ensure your machine gets the care it requires. We’ll evaluate the demands on your machinery and how often you use it to develop a custom-tailored plan that meets your unique needs.

These plans include all the services necessary to help your lift truck remain operational, including:

  • Fluid sampling
  • Battery testing
  • Fluid exchanges
  • Filter replacement
  • Equipment inspections
  • Component lubrication

Forklift Repair Services

All forklifts require occasional repairs. When you partner with our team for yours, we’ll make sure they have the smallest impact possible on your daily operations. We also offer the option to enroll in our Total Maintenance & Repair Program.

Enrolling provides you with the full benefit of our planned maintenance services plus any repairs you need for a fixed monthly rate, making it easier to plan, budget and take care of your lift truck.

Convenient Solutions for Equipment Care

We have facilities located throughout the area. For most services, you have the option of bringing your forklift to us or having one of our technicians come to you:

  • In-shop service: With in-shop service, our technicians will work on your equipment in a fully-equipped, well-lit and climate-controlled environment. Our shop technicians have access to all the latest equipment, training, tools and technology. They can perform the most complex lift truck repairs and provide additional services through our dedicated hydraulic repair facility and an in-house lab.
  • Field service: Field forklift service provides the lifeline you require when you need maintenance or repairs and need to keep your equipment on-site. With this alternative, we’ll send an expert out to your location equipped with all the tools they need to complete your service and over $15,000 in parts. Emergency repair service is also available after hours to help you stay productive.

Schedule a Lift Truck Service

If you’d like to get more information about enrolling in an equipment care program or need to schedule service, talk to our team.

Contact your nearest Quinn Lift location to schedule your next lift truck service appointment. For questions or assistance, please send us a message using our online form.