Jungheinrich EFG 2 – 6 Reasons to Buy!

6 Reasons to Buy a Jungheinrich EFG2 Electric Counterbalanced Forklift

Greater Uptime Due to Longer Planned Maintenance Intervals

  • Jungheinrich EFG 2 series of electric pneumatic forklifts have 1,000 hours Planned Maintenance (PM) intervals
    • Others in the industry offer 500-hour intervals (50% more than the EFG 2)
    • Jungheinrich’s longer service intervals mean less downtime for maintenance and cost savings with fewer service intervals

Maintenance Cost Savings

  • Easy access to the engine and other key lift truck components during maintenance makes it easy-to-service. Saving time and reducing maintenance costs over the long run

Jungheinrich’s 2 Shifts, 1 Charge Guarantee = Greater Cost Savings

  • Fewer batteries means less time changing/recharging batteries
  • Fewer batteries frees up storage space that can now be used for product support
  • Jungheinrich’s lower energy consumption means you’ll spend less money on electricity overall

Operator Costs

  • Less battery changing over time means the operator spends more time working
    • Battery Changes can take up to 20-30 minutes each time you have to change a battery

The Larger the Fleet – The Greater the Savings

  • The larger the fleet, the more you save
  • Depending on the application:
    • A 5-unit forklift fleet can expect:
      • An annual savings up to $18,000
      • A 5-year savings up to $64,000
    • A 10-unit fleet can expect:
      • An annual savings up to $30,100
      • A 5-year savings up to $122,900

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