Customer Value Agreements

CVA = Customer Value Agreement

What is a CVA? Here’s a crash course:

Regardless of machine size, age or its application you need to make sure that your equipment works
efficiently and has the lowest operating cost possible. Our Customer Value Agreements (CVA) are
available for your existing Cat fleet and Cat used equipment and cover individual systems, single pieces
of equipment, or entire fleets. Our CVA’s can range from simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to
sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees, providing you with careful planning and ongoing
attention, allowing you to stay focused on running your business.



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By properly maintaining your equipment with a Customer Value Agreement (CVA), you can maximize
the up-time of your equipment by identifying equipment issues before they cause failure. CVAs are
flexible. With no pre-set requirements or specific products and services that you must agree to buy, you
can be assured you are only signing up for what you really need. Costs can either be a flat rate monthly
fee or some other arrangement can be made based on your actual production hours.

Find the right CVA for your operation:

CVA for a Cat machine I already own

CVA for a new Cat machine

CVA for a used Cat machine

Major Component Service Programs

Choose a specific machine system—engine, hydraulics, drive train, transmission or undercarriage, for example—and focus expert attention on the repair and maintenance of these components. This expertise supplements your current resources and strengthens your overall maintenance and repair program.

Customized Agreements

A wide variety of options are available to ensure you receive the right CSA for your business needs.

Available Services Include:
On-site Technicians
Genuine Cat Replacement Parts
Planned Component Replacement/Rebuilds
SOS Fluid Analysis
Equipment Inspections, Including TA1 & TA2
Operator Training
Caterpillar Trained Technicians
Major & Minor Equipment Repairs
Complimentary Custom Track Inspections
Custom Track Service
Maintenance Record Keeping through VisionLink
Rental Machines
Service & Consulting with Technical Communicator
Flexible Financing/Payment Options

Total Maintenance and Repair Agreement

Management of all maintenance aspects, including performance monitoring, preventive maintenance, general repairs, and component overhauls. All you have to do is add fuel.The Total Maintenance and Repair agreement is specifically designed for the machine and for equipment owners that want to achieve an optimal machine life while keeping repair costs to a minimum.We can provide all maintenance and repair for a pre-set price, for a specified period of time.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Whether you operate one machine or a whole fleet, this flexible and comprehensive service plan is designed to meet your specific maintenance needs. With a preventive maintenance agreement, you’ll know ahead of time when your machine will be scheduled for maintenance so you can plan for downtime and maximize job site productivity by allocating assets where needed.

Our experienced technicians can perform regularly scheduled maintenance in our shop or out on your job site. No matter where, we guarantee that all our services are performed to factory specifications. Our service trucks are fully equipped to perform basic machine service and testing on your entire machine.

Preventive Maintenance Programs include:
Visual Machine Inspection
Genuine Cat® Parts
Filter Replacement
Oil & Fluid Check
Oil Sampling & Fluid Analysis

Preventive maintenance is one of the most effective ways to keep operating costs under control. But equipment maintenance is just one of your responsibilities—and if not managed effectively, it can keep you away from other business functions. We can create an agreement that places responsibility for preventive maintenance with our experienced technicians.

Inspection Programs

Early detection of potential problems reduces repair costs and unscheduled machine down time.
Add Machine Inspections to your Customer Support Agreement to have our highly trained technicians perform full inspections of your equipment at factory-recommended intervals. With our advanced diagnostic tools and experienced technicians, we’ll tell you what’s going on with your machine, pinpoint any problem areas, and get expert recommendations for additional services or repairs, if needed.

Inspection Programs Include:
Evaluating your machine’s engine, transmission, electrical system, & cooling/hydraulics systems
Analyzing fluids, cylinders, pumps, and valves
Undercarriage Analysis

S•O•S Fluids Analysis

S•O•S fluids analysis, allows you to see what is going on inside your machine and detect problems before they become serious. A routine sampling interval can be established to build-up a trend of data over time. That trend allows you to compare sample history and more easily identify deviations from the normal trend.

S•O•S Services include:
Oil Analysis
Coolant Analysis (Level 1 & Level 2)
Diesel Fuel Analysis

S•O•S Benefits:
24 Hour Turnaround on All Oil & Coolant Samples
5 Day Turnaround on Diesel Fuel Samples
Detect & Analyze Problems Early
Proactively Scheduled Downtime To Fit Into Your Operation
Protect Future Performance & Reliability of Equipment
24-Hour Online Access to Your Equipment Sample Information

S•O•S Services results are presented in a clear, concise, easy-to-understand report. Trained personnel provide recommendations or specific, immediate actions on each report. If a critical situation is identified, you will be notified immediately.

Equipment Management Solutions – Product Link

Cat® Product Link™ redefines fleet management effectiveness. Its easy-to-use interface, called VisionLink, enables customized health and utilization reports, mapping and mixed fleet capabilities. Product Link transmits the information via cell and satellite. Product Link is a remote monitoring solution that enables efficient and effective fleet management, supplying you with accurate, timely and useful information about the location, utilization and condition of your equipment—the kind of information that can make a huge difference in the efficiency and costs of your entire operation. Preventive maintenance email reminders are also available along with online parts ordering directly through VisionLink. It pays to know the Cat Product Link.

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From routine preventive maintenance support to major component repairs to fully customizable maintenance agreements, Quinn Company’s Customer Support Agreements are tailored just for you and your equipment. Cover the entire machine or individual machine systems such the engine, hydraulic system, drive train, and/or undercarriage. It’s completely up to you!

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