Quinn is a goal-oriented company, striving to exceed our customers’ expectations every day.

Our Vision: Top 5 through 2025 Sustained Excellence

Our goal is to remain one of North America’s top 5 Caterpillar dealers in customer loyalty, employee engagement and market share.

We help our customers succeed, by knowing it– understanding all we can about our products, our services and our customers’ needs; by owning it – taking personal responsibility in everything we do; and by sharing it – communicating promptly and regularly with our customers and our fellow employees.

Our Values:

  • Integrity
    • Tells the truth and is honest and forthcoming in all business transactions
    • Lives up to commitments by delivering on any promises he or she makes
    • Takes personal responsibility for his or her own actions
    • Does the right thing, even when difficult or inconvenient
  • Relationships
    • Works hard to build mutually beneficial, lasting relationships with customers, teammates and partners
    • Build trust and respect by giving responsive and consistent service
    • “We are in the relationship business, we just happen to sell machines and engines.” – Ed Rapp, Caterpillar Group President
  • Teamwork
    • Knows how his or her role contributes to Company Vision, Values and Goals
    • Is responsible to carry out his or her role as a team member
    • Is willing to sacrifice personal gain for the team’s best interest
    • Shares ideas and solutions among all divisions, departments and locations
  • Respect
    • Respects other people’s opinions, and respects their property
    • Seeks, accepts and gives feedback in a positive manner
    • Treats people fairly, with dignity, and in a way he or she would like to be treated
    • Speaks positively about other people, departments and division
  • Quality
    • Takes pride in performance, doing it right the first time
    • Uses all available resources to deliver creative solutions
    • Maintains a professional appearance in self and work area
    • Meets or exceeds customers’ expectations
  • Safety
    • Displays enthusiastic responsiveness to customers, co-workers, and partners
    • Is committed to responding quickly because our customers can’t afford to wait
    • Has a “can do” attitude in delivering what is promised
    • Anticipates customer, co-worker, partner and Company needs