Quinn is a goal-oriented company, striving to exceed our customers’ expectations every day.

Our Vision: Top 5 through 2025 Sustained Excellence

Our goal is to remain one of North America’s top 5 Caterpillar dealers in customer loyalty, employee engagement and market share.

We help our customers succeed, by knowing it– understanding all we can about our products, our services and our customers’ needs; by owning it – taking personal responsibility in everything we do; and by sharing it – communicating promptly and regularly with our customers and our fellow employees.


Our values and principles are our true beliefs. We use these everyday when working with our team, our customers, or our partners. They explain our mindsets, and help provide guidance and insight behind both the actions we take and choices we make.


SAFETY – We are relentless to ensure we all go home safe. We look out for each other’s safety. Every minute. Every day.

INTEGRITY – We do what’s right. We want to win the right way. We take the high road. Always. Period.

RELATIONSHIPS – We always look for a win-win situation with every interaction. We value our relationships. We work hard to learn about our customers, our teammates, and our partners so we can better serve them.

TEAMWORK – We look to hire and develop people who care about others. We always look to raise the bar of the team with every hire. The best team players work on behalf of the entire company, and work together to solve problems. They strive to make someone else’s day better. Our team thinks long term about their decisions.

RESPECT – We are respectful to each other. We strive to be a little kinder than necessary every day.

QUALITY – There are no shortcuts, so we do it right the first time. We expect the best from ourselves. Like our customers, we build things that last.


CURIOSITY – We like to ask questions to keep learning. We are curious, not judgemental. We are always willing to learn about new things, new views, and ourselves.

FOLLOW UP – It is important to our customers, our partners, and our teammates. We follow up and follow through with ambition.

COMPETE – We strive to be the best. Healthy competition can promote innovation and progress. We like to benchmark ourselves constantly to ensure we are improving in all ways possible. We thrive on finding ways to win for customers, our partners, and our teams!

COMMUNICATE – We believe it is important to communicate and listen well to succeed. Effective communication is clear and concise, and involves being open to new ideas and feedback. We don’t let issues remain with our team or with our customers. We make a visit, we pick up the phone, we find a way to get it done!

PURPOSE – We are proud of the work we do! The work we do matters. No matter the role, our efforts help provide and support the equipment that builds, feed and powers the world in which we live.

RESULTS – Ultimately our goal is to deliver results. We never settle for the status quo, and we aim to bring our best to work in all we do.