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Dare to Compare

At Quinn Company, we pride ourselves on the products and services we offer our customers: new and used machine sales and rentals, online and in-store parts fulfillment, manufacturing, welding and hydraulic repair services, and full service facilities.

We think you’ll agree – there’s no comparison. Quinn Company delivers more service for the best value.


Our Company




Other Competitors
  Family Owned  
  100 Years in Business  
  Positive Employee Culture  
  Commitment to Employee Development  
  Committed to Being Where Customers Buy &
  Continued Measurement of Customer




  Quinn Other Competitors
  Professionally Trained Staff  
  World Wide Buying and Selling Service  

  Product Line Diversity

  • Caterpillar: Equipment & Generation, Challenger, Trimble

  Trade-Ins Accepted  
  Grade Control Ready Machines  

  Wide Industry Solutions

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Paving, General Construction, Heavy Construction, Landscaping, Governmental, Power Generation, Quarry & Aggregates, Waste

  Heavy Rentals  
  Rental Purchase Options  
  Equipment Demos  
  Equipment Training  
  In-House Heavy Haul for Machine Transport  ✓  
  Life Cycle Costing  
  Cat World Trade Barter Program  
  Territory Wide Consistency   
  22 Geographically Located Branches  


Used Equipment




Other Competitors
  Cat Certified Used Equipment Available  
  Distribution Partner for Cat Financial Low Hour
  Custom Rebuilt Machines  
  24/7 Online Used Equipment Listing  
  Rental Purchase Options  
  Warranty Coverage  
  Monthly Rentals  
  Consignment Sales Available  
  Trade-ins Accepted  
  Cash Offered for Machines  
  World Wide Buying & Selling Service  
  Cat Financing Available for on Used Equipment  
  Cat Auction Services  


Product Support – Parts




Other Competitors
Over 15 Years Average Experience per Parts   Consultant  
 Over $20,000,000 of Parts Inventory  
 Over 125,000 Stocked Line Items  
 Over 150,000 Total Warehouse Square Footage  
 92% Filled Off the Shelf  
 95% Filled Within 24 Hours  
 98% Filled Within 48 Hours  
 Emergency After Hours Parts Service  
 On Call 24/7/365 Trained Parts Representatives  
 Next Day Emergency Delivery by 8:00 a.m.
 from Arvin
  Overnight Delivery from Cat Parts Facilities  
  World Wide Parts Search and Delivery Ability  
  24/7 Cat Online Ordering  ✓  
  Online Part Search  ✓  
  Online Parts Availability ✓   
  Online Technical Information ✓   
  Extended Parts Hours ✓   
  After Hours Remote Computer Parts Response ✓   
  Daily Stock Replenishment ✓   
  34 Remote Parts Drop Locations ✓   
  Pre-Order Parts for Scheduled Service and
  Rapid Repair
  Value Priced Parts Option for Older Cat

  In House Stocked Inventories for Cat and

  • Genuine Cat Parts, AGCO (Challenger), AgChem, Plus 40 Additional Allied Parts Lines
  Reman Parts ✓   
  Engine, Cylinder, Powertrain, Hydraulics and
  Electronic Controls Reman/Exchange Programs
  Capability to Access All Brands of Parts ✓   
  Overflow Parts Phone Routing ✓   


Product Support – Service




Other Competitors
  223 Service Bays Across 22 Regional Locations  
  Over 300 Factory Trained Technicians  
  84.4 Annual Technician Training Hours  
  392, 400 Total Shop Square Footage  
 Over 100 Field Service Trucks and 11 Lube Trucks  
  24/7 On Call Service  
  24/7 Field Service Repairs & Emergency Service  
  Full Time Technical Communicator  
  Custom Machine Rebuild  
  Complete Machine Rebuild   
  OEM Certified Machine Rebuild  
  Investment in State-of-the-art Tool Inventory  
  ProCheck Inspections  ✓  
  Engine and Transmission Rebuild Shops  ✓  
  Full Service Hydraulics, Paint, Track and
  Machine Shops
  Engine Dynamometer ✓   
  Portable Line Boring ✓   
  Transmission/Hydraulic Pump/Fuel System
  Test Stands
  Major Component Rebuild ✓   
  Technical Analysis ✓   
  Fixed Rate Repair Options ✓   
  Wireless Field Service Capability for On-Site
  Cat Certified Contamination Control ✓   
  Automatic Weld ✓   


Product Support – Undercarriage




Other Competitors
  Custom Track Service  
  Custom Track Service Free Inspections  
  Undercarriage Rebuild  
  Nitrogen Test & Fill  
  Shoe Regrousering  
  Idler Resurfacing  
  Wet Bushing Turns  
  375-Ton Track Presses  
  Nitrogen Test and Refill  


Product Support – Hydraulic Service




Other Competitors
  State-of-the-art Hydraulic Service  
  Build Cat and Non-Cat Hydraulic Hoses  
  All Makes & Models Cylinder Repairs  
  Pump and Motor Rebuilding  
  Pump and Motor Clean Room  
  MIG, TIG and Stick Welding  
  6-Month Warranty on Rebuilds, 1 Year on
  Cylinders, Pumps, Motors & Valves
  400 Horsepower Test Bench  
  Hose Cleaning Prior to Assembly  
  Cylinder Rebuild and Manufacturing   
  Cylinder Rod Chroming  
  Mobile Welding & Line Bore Repairs  
  Dedicated Production Space  ✓  
  Engine Lathes  ✓  
  Radial Arm Drills ✓   
  Cylinder Honing Bench up to 15” dia. And 10.5’ ✓   
  Pump and Motor Testing ✓   
  Non-Cat Seal Parts Inventory ✓   
  Cylinder Testing up to 3000 PSI ✓   


Product Support – Manufacturing, Machining & Welding




Other Competitors
  Refurbish Component to Original Specs  
  Component Rebuilding  
  Welding and Fabrication  
  Highly Skilled Design Welders  
  Turning Capability  
  Line Boring  
  Abrasion Resistant Material Application  
  Nitrogen Test and Fill  
  Machining Precision One-of-a-kind Parts  
  Lathe with 40” Swing   
  Milling Capability of 104”  
  Key Seating  
  Head Pattern Cutter  ✓  
  Drill Press  ✓  
  Hydraulic Press ✓   
  Cut off Saw ✓   
  MIG, TIG, Semi-Automatic Welding ✓   


Product Support – S•O•S Fluids Analysis Lab




Other Competitors
  In-House State-of-the-art Fluids Analysis Lab  
  Experienced Lab Technicians  
  Process Over 135,000 Samples Per Year  
  Fluid Analysis for Any Make or Model  
  Oil Analysis  
  Oil Cleanliness Analysis (Particle Count)  
  Detection of Water & Glycol  
  Coolant Analysis (Level 1 & Level 2)  
  Diesel Fuel Analysis  
  Total Base Number Analysis   
  Total Acid Number Analysis  
  24/7 Online Results  


Product Support – On-Highway/Engine Services




Other Competitors
  13 Regional Locations  
  Over 80 Service Bays  
  Chassis Dynamometer  
  Dedicated Engine Shops  
  Service all makes and models  
  Direct Factory Technical Service Support  
  Powertrain Specialists  
  DPF Cleaning  
  Cylinder head rebuild benches  
  Air Flow Meters   
  Technical Communicator to Cat  
  Cat Engine Diagnostic Check  
  Driver Performance Reports  


Product Support – Sales Representatives




Other Competitors
  25+ Trained Product Support Sales
  Over 20 Years Average Product Support
  Fleet Management Insuring Customer Return
  on Investment
  Equipment Management Software Solutions  
  Total Product Support Solutions  
  Custom Track Inspection  
  Ground Engaging Tool Consultation  
  Customer Support Agreements  
  Scheduled Repair Options for Less Downtime  
  Coordinates Customer Solutions   
  On-Site Product Support Quotes  
  Strategic Account Planning  

  Coordinator for Software Sharing Programs:

  • PartStore, Equipment Manager, Product Link, Electronic Technician
  Service Warranty Options  ✓  






Other Competitors
  The Cat Rental Store  
  16 Locations  
  Properly Maintained Equipment  
  Low Hour Equipment  
  Knowledgeable Sales Staff  
  24/7 Emergency Rentals  
  24/7 Emergency Field Service  
  Diversity in Fleet – Cat & Non-cat  
  Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rental Options  
  Operator Safety Training  
  Cat and Non-Cat Factory Trained Technicians  
  National Cat Commercial Account  
  Locally Owned and Operated  ✓  
  30+ Delivery Trucks  ✓  
  20+ Service Trucks ✓   
  Equipment Delivery and Pick Up ✓   


Power Systems – Sales




Other Competitors

  Single Source for Power Generation System:

  • Generator, Switch Gear, Controls

  New, Used & Rentals:

  • Portable Generators – 25kW to 2000kW, cables, ATS, Transformers, Air Compressors (diesel and electric), Dryer and Filter Skids, Irrigation Booster Pumps, Temperature Control Equipment
  • Huge inventory of power rental equipment and access to Caterpillar’s nationwide dealer network
  • Rental delivery, installation, hook-up and job walks
  Prime Power Diesel and Gas Products  
  Natural Gas/Low BTU Fuel  
  Comprehensive Extended Warranty Coverage
  and Support
  Application Engineers to Support Design and
  Consulting Engineers
  Field Start-up Engineers  
  Contingency Plan Expertise  

Engineered Solutions

No matter the project size, the experienced and dedicated Quinn Power System’s staff will deliver the right solution for the right cost.

  • Upfront Engineering Support
    • Sizing, Drawings, Equipment Selections, Codes
  • Seismic
  • Project Management
  • Dedicated Commissioning Group
  • Emergency Standby
  • Prime Power
    • Cogen, Peak Shaving, Biogas
  • Emissions Solutions
  • Off Road Stationary
  • Portable Diesel Equipment
  • Project Financing
  • Warranty


Electric Power Equipment

  • 40-4000 kW Diesel
  • 25-4000 kW Gas
    • Off-road, Stationary, or Portable Diesel Equipment
  • Industrial Engines
    • Diesel or Natural Gas
  • Booster Pumps
  • Marine Engines and Generators
    • Commercial & Pleasurecraft
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    • Flywheel, Double Conversion
  • Transfer Switches
    • Automatic, Manual
  • Paralleling
    • Custom Switchgear, Onboard
  • Accessories
    • Enclosures, Fuel Tanks, Load Banks
  • Used Equipment


Power Systems – Rentals




Other Competitors

 Eight Power Systems branches to serve our customers


Portable Generators & Accessories

  • Portable Generators – 25kW to 2000kW, cables, Multi-tap transformers, ATS, I-Line distribution panels, load interrupter switches, fuel tanks

Portable Air Compressors & Accessories

  • Diesel & electric, oil flooded/after-cooled & oil free, dryers, receiver tanks, low & high pressure hose

Temperature Control & Accessories

  • Air-cooled units, water cooled units, air conditioners, heat exchangers (shell & tube, plate & frame, and food grade units)

Load Banks

  • Resistive & resistive reactive
Irrigation Booster Pumps & Deep Well Engines
Rental Delivery, Installation, Hook-Ups, Job Walks  
Access to Caterpillar’s nationwide Dealer Network and the largest North American rental fleet  


Power Systems – Service




Other Competitors
  Quinn Services the Entire Power Generation
  24/7 Service Availability – Emergency and after
  hours support 365 days/year
  Electric Power Field Services  
  Marine and Industrial Services  
  Advance Electrical Services including
  Switchgear/Breaker/Relay Testing, Automatic
  Transfer Switch Maintenance, Transformer
  Service, Uninterruptible Power Supply
  Service All Brands of Generator, Switch Gear
  and UPS
  Customer Support Agreements  
  Load Bank Testing  
  Dedicated Preventive Maintenance Team  
  Technical Communicator  
  Direct Factory Technical Service Support  
  DPF Cleaning  
  Extended Warranty Coverage New and Used


Technology Solutions




Other Competitors
  Machine and Grade Control Products  
  Integrated Software Solutions  
  Asset Tracking – Trimble, Product Link  

  One Stop Machine to System Integration:

  • Sales, Service, Support
  Factory Authorized, Trained & Supported
  Trimble Dealer
  Factory Direct Support  
  Grade Control – Lasers, Optics and GPS  

  Diverse Product Portfolio:

  • Trimble, AccuGrade, AutoGuide, Raven
  In-House Service Center  

  Comprehensive Industry Coverage:

  • General & Heavy Construction, Mining, Landfill, Precision Agriculture
  On-Site Training  
  Dedicated Field Service Trucks  
  Cross Trained Technicians  
  Dedicated Technology Team  
  Support for Mixed Fleets – Sales, Install and






  Tailored Finance Solution  

  Financing Partners:

  • Cat Financial, Cat Commercial Account, AGCO Finance
  Long Term Leases  
  Equipment Purchase Loans  
  Used Equipment Financing  
  Rental Purchase Option Financing  
  Governmental Financing  
  Power Generator Finance  
  In-House Open Accounts  
  Equipment Equity Lines of Credit  



There’s no comparison. With 22 locations in central and southern California, Quinn Company offers a comprehensive product line of Caterpillar machines and work tools. Our product support capabilities include factory-trained technicians, immediate parts availability and maintenance programs to extend the life of your machines.