Lift Rentals

When buying new isn’t an option for your business, lift truck rentals in California from Quinn Lift can save you thousands of dollars and boost your productivity. Whether you work in the industrial, warehouse, forestry, agricultural, roadwork or residential sectors, we are here to support your short or long-term rental needs.

We know you rely on powerful pieces of equipment to meet your demands for material handling — so make your business more profitable and efficient by relying on CA lift truck rentals and partnering with Quinn.

How Renting Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Your company can advance itself by renting equipment when a particular lift truck is out of operation and in the repair shop. Renting solutions are also a viable choice if you want to expand your fleet during your busy season or if you need to supplement a one-time job with a temporary asset. Having the ability to select between various rental plans also offers greater flexibility.

Renting is a cost-effective solution as opposed to buying new and gives you the freedom to allocate your extra money to other operations. You don’t even have to bother with maintenance or additional costs.

Lift Trucks Available for Rental

Forklift rentals from Quinn Lift are available in different makes and models to suit your specific requirements. We offer Cat® lift trucks as well as machines from Allied brands such as Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich, Manitou and Kalmar. Our inventory includes:

  • All-terrain lift trucks
  • Construction lift trucks
  • Electric lift trucks
  • Lift truck attachments
  • Warehouse lift trucks

Each piece of equipment is ideal for particular work sites. For example, electric lift trucks are the perfect solution if you work indoors or in other confined areas because they don’t emit harmful exhausts. All-terrain machines can withstand uneven surfaces plus operate over rocks, sand and even clay to help you get the job done without fail.

Construction and warehouse lift trucks are your best bet if you work in those particular sectors. Built to maneuver over different surfaces carrying various weights of material and moving within tight spaces is the key to their capabilities. Within our vast inventory, we also supply lift truck attachments to further advance your operations, making your fleet more versatile.

Our Capabilities

Our California forklift rentals are here to work with your schedule and needs. Quinn lift truck rentals provide the following:

  • Competitive rates
  • Weekly and monthly rentals
  • Gas, diesel, electric and LPG engines
  • Long-term agreements
  • On-site delivery

We extend our services past a contract by providing on-site delivery, cost-effective prices, flexible terms and different engine types. Our experts have extensive product knowledge and are here to help you find the most efficient resolution that matches your expectations and job at hand. Our rentals deliver the latest technology and innovation to ensure the highest levels of performance.

Quinn Lift employs a team of technicians that will assess your situation to find you a quick and affordable lift. We make sure each machine operates at peak conditions as our professionals work to maintain low-hour machines by completing thorough inspections. Quinn also adheres to top requirements and standards.

Rent Your Fork Lift Today

Quinn is your go-to source for reliable rental equipment in Central and Southern California. Several of our locations have rental abilities to support your business no matter the industry. Our experts are available if you have questions or you need support in defining the right solution. Quinn Lift can boost your productivity levels and help you remain efficient.

Contact your nearest Quinn Lift location for rates and availability. You can also speak with a representative by calling 888-987-8466 or contact us online for additional details. Visit one of our rental sites and rent your next lift truck from Quinn Lift.

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