SOS Fluid Analysis

S•O•S Fluids Analysis

Fluids such as oil, coolant and diesel fuel are the lifeblood of your heavy equipment. Weak, neglected or contaminated fluids can negatively impact the performance of your machines and possibly cause significant damage to the engine and other vital components. As an authorized Cat dealer in Central and Southern California, Quinn Company can offer the Scheduled Oil Sample (S∙O∙S) fluid analysis service from Caterpillar that will enable you to maintain the health of your equipment — and experience a healthier bottom line.

We’ll Evaluate Your Samples at Our Fully Equipped Fluid Analysis Lab in California

Keep your fleet at full power. Our S∙O∙S program will provide you a clear picture of what’s happening inside your equipment, helping catch problems before they turn into a complete disaster. Quinn’s S∙O∙S Fluid Analysis Lab is one of the most useful and important maintenance support programs available to you and your company. We offer comprehensive analysis at our Fresno laboratory. Our laboratory technicians test several factors to gain a detailed picture of the health of your engine, transmission, powertrain and other wearable components.

Your S∙O∙S fluid analysis results and recommendations are then available online.

What Are the Some of the Issues That Our Fluid Analysis Services Can Detect?

Our S∙O∙S fluid analysis services in California can help to identify and correct various problems with the machine’s coolant, diesel fuel or oil:

  • Coolant sampling: We’ll conduct testing of your machines’ coolant to ensure it has the appropriate chemical balance to protect the engine and maximize cooling efficiency. We’ll evaluate critical factors such as usage, condition and contamination, each of which can weaken the coolant and potentially cause overheating. Choose from two levels of coolant testing: routine and in-depth.
  • Diesel fuel sampling: Substandard fuel quality can keep your equipment’s engine from performing at its best and contribute to the premature wear of vital components. Our fuel testing program will assess the quality and condition of the diesel fuel by evaluating factors such as contamination, microbial growth and correct usage.
  • Oil sampling: Our oil analysis services in California include a comprehensive analysis of all lubricated systems such as hydraulics, engines and gearboxes. We’ll also check for contaminants that can inhibit the oil’s performance like water, fuel and glycol.

How Does the S∙O∙S Fluid Analysis Process Work?

We’ve made S∙O∙S fluid analysis as hassle-free as possible. All you have to do is collect the samples and send them to our lab, and our team of in-house experts will do the rest. As far as taking the sample, you can implement one of two methods: using an oil valve probe or via vacuum extraction when the machine’s engine is running at its normal operating temperature. Place the sample in a carefully labeled bottle before shipping it to our lab.

S∙O∙S Benefits

The many benefits of our S∙O∙S fluid analysis program include:

  • Same-day turnaround on all oil & coolant samples: You’ll get almost immediate feedback on the condition of your machine’s oil and coolant, so you can initiate any corrective measures as quickly as possible.
  • 3 business day turnaround on diesel fuel samples: You’ll receive the results of the diesel fuel analysis nearly as fast as other samples.
  • Detects & pinpoints problems early: Sampling allows you to identify and correct minor issues before they can turn into significant — and expensive — mechanical difficulties.
  • Proactively scheduled downtime to fit into your workload: You can conduct S∙O∙S fluid analysis without disrupting your project schedule.
  • Protect future performance & reliability of equipment: You’ll know what to expect from your machines moving forward, as well as when it’s time to consider an upgrade.
  • 24‐hour online access: You can view the S∙O∙S fluid analysis results online at your convenience.

How Often Do You Need Our Fluid Analysis Services in California?

Routine oil sampling is recommended regularly and can depend on the application, hours, use, etc. Quinn Company can recommend a sampling schedule that works for your equipment. Sampling services include:

Oil Analysis

Wear Metal Analysis
Oil Condition Analysis
Oil Cleanliness Analysis
Viscosity Analysis
Water Analysis
Gas Chromatography (GC) Analysis (Diesel Fuel %)

Coolant Analysis ‐ Level 1

Glycol Concentration Percentage
pH Analysis
Nitrite Analysis
Order Detection
Oil or Fuel Contamination

Coolant Analysis – Level 2

For information regarding Level 2 Coolant Analysis, contact our lab at (559) 891‐5496 or

Glycol Concentration
Coolant Inhibitors
Corrosion Products
Coolant health


Micro-Imagery Particulate
Visual Inspection
Flash Point
Dissolved Water by Karl Fisher
Microbial Growth
Wear Metals
API Gravity

Quinn Can Perform S∙O∙S Fluid Analysis for Companies in Various Industries

Quinn’s S∙O∙S laboratory can provide sampling for both Cat & non‐Cat equipment for companies in a variety of industries including:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Aviation
  • Municipalities
  • Marine
  • Power generation
  • Personal recreational Vehicles

By enrolling in the S∙O∙S fluid analysis program, you can observe a trend of data over time, allowing you to compare sample history and more easily identify deviations from the normal trend. This adds value to the data interpretation process with more meaningful recommendations and recommended actions. Protect the performance of your equipment with S∙O∙S services from Quinn Company.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Fluid Analysis Services in California

We’ll be happy to elaborate on our fluid analysis services and discuss your company’s needs in further detail. For more S∙O∙S information, contact our lab at (559) 891‐5496 or soslab@quinncompany.com.

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