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Cat® Trial 11: Hot Wheels®

Check out Cat® Trial 11: Hot Wheels®   As a kid, did you ever wonder what it would be like to play with real life Hot Wheels®? Yeah, us too! That’s why we created Cat® Trial 11: Hot Wheels®, where five cars driven by professional stunt drivers get to show off… Read More

Wildfire Cleanup: Choosing the Best Heavy Equipment for the Job

Wildfire cleanup can be a dangerous and demanding job, but it can also be performed quickly, effectively and safely with the correct heavy equipment. From dozers and excavators to loaders and forest machines, various machinery can help clean up wildfires.

Having a range of heavy fire equipment allows operators to …

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How Cat® Heavy Equipment Can Assist With Earthquake Recovery

Earthquakes can wreak havoc on public infrastructure and buildings. Many people will immediately require emergency services for those injured or affected by rubble and debris. Heavy equipment typically used in the construction industry can assist with cleanup and reconstruction after an earthquake. Some machines can move large amounts of debris …

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Backhoe Loader Safety Tips




Backhoe Loader Safety Tips

Whether you’re new to operating backhoe loaders or you’re an experienced equipment operator, it’s always important to stay on top of safety tips for backhoe loader operation. Even people who have been operating loaders for years need a refresher from time to time to prevent …

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How to Order Cat® Parts Online

When you need replacement parts for your Cat® equipment and want to make the order process as fast as possible, turn to Parts.Cat.Com. When you order Cat parts from, you’ll have a full suite of tools available to help you quickly find and purchase Cat parts. 

If you’re interested …

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