4 Reasons to Use a Mini Excavator

While some applications require the power of a standard or large excavator, power isn’t everything when it comes to certain jobs. Mini excavators offer several advantages over their larger counterparts, including:

  1. Less impact. Because they are smaller and lighter, mini excavators leave reduced track marks and cause less ground damage.
  2. Smaller footprint. Compact mini excavators are easier to work with when a work site is small or crowded, like a parking lot.
  3. Easy transport. Mini excavators can be loaded onto the back of a utility truck or relatively small trailer for simple transfer between job sites.
  4. Low transportation weight. Several Cat mini excavator models have an operating weight of less than 10,000 lbs., which means you may be able to trailer and tow a mini excavator with a standard Class C California driver’s license.

Mini excavators are ideal for jobs that take place within a tight area. Working in a backyard, for example, involves having to maneuver through gates and around a small space. A mini excavator can perform the same functions a standard excavator can, but it does so on a smaller scale. This can significantly speed up jobs where digging would otherwise have to be done manually.

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