Reedley College

Reedley College: Equipment Technician Program

Reedley College, in Fresno, Ca, features a two year A.S. degree and a one-year certificate program. Along with the ThinkBIG Program, Reedley offers the only other AED certified program. The Equipment Service program allows you to work on Cat engines, transmissions, and hydraulic and electrical systems. Reedley College has state-of-the-art-labs patterned after dealer shops. The Equipment Services Technician Program is sponsored by Quinn and designed to meet industry–specific standards.

Equipment Technician Internships are available at Quinn Company through Reedley College’s Equipment Technician Program. New mechanics can work part time while in school or full time once they have graduated. Internships can last from several weeks to several months. In some cases, an internship can last a year or more. Internships can be paid, unpaid or for college credit.

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