Wilcox Rolling Cutter with 3 Pt Mount


Wilcox Rolling Cutter – A new approach to PTO driven machines. The Wilcox Rolling Cutter offers growers a new high-speed, low maintenance approach to chopping using PTO driven machines operated at low speeds with costly drive lines, gear boxes and belts.

The rolling cutter uses high speed and impact for cutting with coulters and rotors rolling across the ground. As the field surface is utilized as a “cutting board”, the entire unit being lowered to the ground sets its height. So not only is correct depth achieved in every situation, it’s automatic.

Growers no longer need to be concerned with the after effects of operating chopper knives in the dirt and dealing with the effects maintaining their drive components of a PTO driven machine.

Because the units are offered in a 3 PT configuration, they can be fitted with lister shovels to clean furrows as well. When reclaiming beds often the furrows present a problem for minimum-till implements. Many types of choppers actually windrow trash into furrows where rolling cutters clean them out.

Because the rolling cutter unit comes in contact with the soil, there is a certain amount of crop residue incorporated into the soil. This incorporation somewhat “glues” the crop residue to the surface, thus making it less likely to push and pile during subsequent tillage operations.

This minimum amount of soil contact can in many cases provide enough loose soil to allow the use of a grain drill. In some subsequent passes with the rolling cutter can provide a high degree of residue incorporation as well with further chopping.

We recognize that a flail chopper can provide considerably better sizing, but at what economic cost? When one considers the expenses to operate and maintain a slow moving PTO chopper, the sizing may not be as big an issue with a low cost, low maintenance machine operating at 7 – 10 mph.


  • Various row widths
  • Bed shanks
  • Folding frames
  • Furrow swivel coulters
  • Rear coil packer roller


  • SPEED: 7 – 10 mph