Wilcox Rip Lister with 3 Pt mount

Rip Listing behind the Wilcox Eliminator is provides both a cost-effective and superior cultural benefit solution for seed bed preparation and bedding.

EXAMPLE: A cotton to tomatoes rotation utilizing Wilcox Eliminator followed by Wilcox Rip Lister

  • Cotton stalks were completely shredded by Wilcox Eliminator.
  • Eliminator removed roots, mulched to 10” and leveled off 38” cotton beds.
  • Wilcox Rip Lister provided direct seed row subsoiling while building new 66” tomato beds.


Wilcox Rip Listers provide subsoiling benefits with Conservation Tillage practices. By combining listing and subsoiling operations with a Wilcox Rip Lister, growers can apply Conservation Tillage practices while retaining their subsoiling program.

This strategy eliminates all operations typically performed after ripping and prior to listing. By predetermining the seed row with a Rip Lister, growers only invest in subsoiling the most important part of their field – the area directly below where seeds will be planted and their roots will develop.

In most cases this type of rip listing strategy results in reducing subsoiling costs 35% to 50% with full root benefit.


  • Replaceable wear shins and points
  • 1-1/2” x 32”, 36” or 1 meter allow shanks
  • Shear protection
  • Alloy shank pockets
  • Fabricated tapered frames and lift arms
  • 1/2” Wall tubing
  • Wilcox low draft shanks designed to limit large clods
  • Bolt on shank side guards for easy replacement and alloy shank protection from welding.
  • 7, 9 and 11 shank models available
  • 16.5 x22.5, 16 ply caps
  • Transport locks
  • Heavy duty replaceable bushings at lift arm pivots
  • Large grease input pin eyes at cylinder ends
  • State of the art welding techniques.


  • Rubber or steel gauge wheels
  • Various points available (hard faced, winged or chrome)
  • Rear hitch
  • Dual Gage Wheels
  • Grader Blades
  • Folding


  • Maximum Depth: 30” / 70 cm