Wilcox Agri-Products PERFORMERS

Capable of both primary and secondary tillage operations.

Got Drip Tape? The only tillage solution from post harvest to spring planting.

Ground driven mulcher for finished seed beds or flat ground without the costs and maintenance factors of a PTO driven mulcher.

Amazing versatility options in addition to mulching: Chiseling; Listing; Bed shaping; Lay-by; Pre-working Beds; Finishing; Side Dressing; Bed Rejuvenation;

Outstanding cost savings from multi-operations in one to two passes.

Teams up will with Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel for complete, customized advanced tillage solutions.



The Wilcox Heavy Duty Performer and Performer II – a maximum versatility, multifunctional ground driven mulcher (no PTO required) with both minimum tillage and conservation tillage functionality. Combines conventional, multi-pass tillage and bed operations (listing, lay-by, pre-working beds, side dressing, etc.) into one or two pass completion at exceptional cost savings.

The only tillage tool on the market representing a complete tillage strategy – from post-harvest to spring planting, lay-by and side dressing – especially suited for fields with drip tape irrigation.

A special Wilcox Vineyard Performer model is also available.

The heart of the Wilcox Performers is the Wilcox, ground driven Spiral Reel™ rotor designed to provide seed bed finishes at a level only found with slower, more expensive to operate PTO driven mulchers. Besides a finished seedbed, this multi-action rotor also provides complete herbicide and fertilizer incorporation, along with a greater degree of mulching and trash break up.

But that’s only the beginning. Combined with options that include a fluted coulter gang, chisel shanks, clean out shovels and bed shapers, and often teamed with a Wilcox Eliminator or Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel, Wilcox Performers provide advanced tillage solutions customized for each grower’s specific needs that clearly outdistance the competition and put the Wilcox Heavy Duty Performer in an advanced tillage solutions class all its own.

The WILCOX APPLIED DESIGN TECHNOLOGY™ demonstrated by the Heavy Duty Performer includes

  • high speed, low maintenance, ground driven coulter for multiple bed widths or flat ground.
  • chiseling and mulching operations for an entire bed, while shaping and finishing as well, using the adjustable, rear shaper assembly.
  • listing/shaping multiple width beds, with bed heights ranging from 0” to 12”
  • minimum till of tomato beds
  • reclaiming drip beds
  • complete fertilizer and herbicide application
  • since the Performer has no lateral tillage action, it drafts much straighter than disc type units.
  • bed shaper breaks clods and seals in bed moisture, eliminating disk pan problems from conventional disking operations since no disks are used in the Performer design.
  • bearings are protected with debris guards, and last longer because they are not subject to side or thrust loads.

No other bed tool has the versatility of the Wilcox Heavy Duty Performer. And for grape growers, the Wilcox Vineyard Performer now offers the WILCOX APPLIED DESIGN TECHNOLOGY™ to improving vineyard ground conditions, organic matter content and finish.


  • High speed (5 to 7 mph), durable, ground driven mulcher for multi-spaced beds or flat ground.
  • Capable or primary and secondary tillage in one operation.
  • Capable of minimum tillage or conservation tillage operations.
  • Adjustable chisel shank depth and multiple fixed spacing options.
  • Spiral reel breaks clods, levels and incorporates fertilizers and herbicides.
  • Produces no lateral tillage action or side or load thrusts.
  • No cutting actions found in disk type, minimum till machines.
  • Used with the rear shaper assembly, capable of shaping bed heights ranging from 0” to 12” high.
  • Capable of reclaiming beds when used with the optional coulter gang attachment.


  • 1 to 12 beds models
  • Fluted coulter gang
  • Bed shaper attachment and liners
  • Bed shovels
  • Full or half lister bottom
  • 6 Row folding model – folded width 128 inches
  • 5 Row folding model – folded width 188 inches
  • Tunnel filler
  • Bed knife
  • Side skirts
  • Gauge wheels
  • Fluted or double flat disc gang


  • 5 – 7 mph