Wilcox Agri-Products FOLDING BAR


The Wilcox Folding Bars are a lower cost, superior option than stacker bars, providing growers with ideal versatility for listing, cultivating, fertilizing, etc. Many successful growers have developed their own customized tillage solutions that rely on a durable, heavy wall folding bars for optimum set up. We have designed our folding bars as a solid and dependable foundation for grower customized solutions. They are adoptable to our complete line of chisel shanks, shapers, Lister shanks, etc.


  • Auto lock folding mechanism (no pins or bolts)
  • Heavy wall 5” x 7” and 7” x 7” bars
  • Double bars for strength and versatility
  • Unique Lister bottom with reversible chisel point
  • Lister shanks mounted in pockets to allow vertical adjustments with a single pin
  • Multiple row spacing and widths available
  • Gauge wheels
  • Grader blades
  • Chisel shanks
  • Shapers available on some models
  • Category III w/ Category IV narrow
  • Lower cost than stacker bars  Ideal for listing, fertilizing, cultivating, etc.