RM400 Road Reclaimer

The versatile Cat® RM400 Reclaimer/Stabilizer delivers excellent material gradation, outstanding maneuverability, and simple operation with superb visibility for excellent overall job site performance. Your toughest road rehabilitation and soil stabilization jobs have met their match.

Maximum Operating Weight
57682 lb
Cutting/Mixing Width
96 in
Gross Power
415.7 HP
Maximum Cutting/Mixing Depth
20 in


Maximum Operating Weight

Operating Specifications

Cutting/Mixing Width
Maximum Cutting/Mixing Depth
Operating Speed
Maximum Travel Speed
Rotor Options
Universal, Combination, Spade
Rotor Speed - First (at 2100 Engine rpm)
Rotor Speed - Second (at 2100 Engine rpm)
Rotor Speed - Third (at 2100 Engine rpm)


Gross Power
Engine Model
Cat C9.3B

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity
279gal (US)


Maximum Height
Wheel Base
Ground Clearance

Standard Equipment:

  • Operating Environment
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Air-ride, heated suspension seat
    • Audio-ready with speakers
    • Full width sliding cab with heat and air conditioning
    • Push button start
    • Illuminated dual-side access ladders
    • High visibility retractable seat belt
    • Mini-wheel steering control
    • Multifunction propel lever
    • Steering guides
    • Color touch screen operator interface
  • Powertrain
    • Air to Air Aftercooler (ATAAC)
    • Dual element air cleaner with pre-cleaner
    • Extended life coolant with protection to -37 degrees C (-35 degrees F)
    • On-demand fan with auto-reversing function
    • Four steering modes
    • All-Wheel Drive
    • Electronic differential
    • Oil-bath brake system
    • Powertrain guard
  • Electrical System
    • 150 amp alternator
    • 24-volt charging system
    • Automotive-type fuse system
    • Remote start/charge receptacle
    • Two 1365 CCA maintenance-free batteries
  • Rotor Drive System
    • Maintenance-free drive shafts
    • Self-lubricating roller and bearings
    • Shear disk driveline protection
    • Automatic depth control
    • Hydraulically-controlled dry clutch
    • Three rotor speeds
    • Variable volume mixing chamber
  • Service And Maintenance
    • Grouped filters with ground level access
    • Cat Product Link
    • Remote Flash
    • Remote access drains
    • Ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·S)
    • Fluid level sight gauges
    • Service light receptacles
    • Toolbox
  • Safety
    • Back-up alarm (front and rear)
    • Front and rear facing cameras
    • Ground level emergency shutdown switches (3)
    • Horn (front and rear)
    • ROPS
    • Platform handrails and guardrails
    • Mirrors
    • Working lights (halogen or LED)

Optional Equipment:

  • Operating Environment
    • Additional color touch screen
  • Powertrain
    • Bio-friendly hydraulic oil
  • Spray Systems
    • Water spray system
    • Emulsion spray system
    • Push bar
  • Rotor Drive System
    • Torque limiter driveline protection
    • Rotor - Universal
    • Rotor - Combination
    • Rotor - Spade
    • Material sizing breaker bar
  • Service And Maintenance
    • Integrated air compressor
    • Pneumatic bit removal tool
    • Additional toolbox
  • Safety
    • LED roading lights
    • Folding LED safety beacon
    • Folding side view cameras (2)
    • Front and rear rotor chamber door cameras

Combination Reclaimer Drum (2.4 m)

Milling Width
96 in
Tool Spacing
1.26 in
Drum Diameter at Tips
64 in

Universal 16 Reclaimer Drum (2.4 m)

Milling Width
96 in
Tool Spacing
0.63 in
Drum Diameter at Tips
54 in

Universal 18 Reclaimer Drum (2.4 m)

Milling Width
96 in
Tool Spacing
0.6 in
Drum Diameter at Tips
60 in

Spade Reclaimer Drum (2.4 m)

Milling Width
90.6 in
Drum Diameter at Tips
62 in
Milling Depth (max)
20 in


Standard/Optional Features