Pull type Finishing Chisel with Finishing Chisel Reel


The Wilcox Finishing Chisel picks up where spring loaded chisel plows leave off. While the finishing chisel shanks are sheer protected, the breakout is typically 2-3 times that of spring-loaded shanks. Many western soils will trip or force spring shanks to pivot upward before the chisel has achieved the desired depth.

The rigid shank applies the maximum amounts of fracturing force to the ground not limited by a particular spring rake. In other words, a spring shank can only penetrate ground softer than the spring rake, thus skimming over the compacted areas. A continued practice of skimming only increases the degree of complication as well as the ever-increasing area compacted.

The use of rigid shanks not only insures desired depth usually beyond that afforded with spring shanks but there are no moving parts and maintenance is not an issue. All horsepower dynamics are transferred to fracturing the soil around the shank rather than collapsing a spring. Bolts, bushing pins and springs are not used as the shanks are fixed in a similar manor as the larger subsoiler models.

Choose from multiple modes and configurations, ranging from 3 PT to Pull Type, Rigid to Folding, both with Flex Wing and Rigid Wing mechanisms. Many units are also available with the Wilcox Finishing Chisel Reel Assembly in either or both mechanical or hydraulic down pressure kits.


  • 2, 3 & 4 bar configuration
  • 1-1/4” x 30 (3.18 x 76 cm) Alloy Shanks
  • Reversible points
  • Sweeps on most models
  • Depth from 5” to 20” (12 to 50 cm)
  • Rigid shanks with sheer protection
  • Heavy wall tubing frames
  • Mechanical or hydraulic reels
  • Folding Flex wings and Rigid wings
  • 31 ft & 37 ft models available in floating tongue
  • One touch depth control


  • Hard faced and Chrome points
  • Sweeps
  • 3 PT units available with dual steel wheels or rubber tires with 6,500 lb, 8 hole hub and spindles
  • Rear hitch


Designed to aid several extra dynamics to the already superior chisel plowing effects of the Wilcox Finishing Chisel.

  • Residue is chopped, broken and incorporated into soil
  • High speed, low cost ground driven mulching
  • Leveling or planting complements of the soil carrying qualities of reels
  • Both Mechanical and Hydraulic Down Pressure Kits available
  • Better than a field cultivator finish from a chisel plow