High Torque Crumbler 51640


Wilcox Agri-Products Crumblers provide an unsurpassed level of ground surface and subsurface finishing action. The Spiral crumbler ridges or checks field surface to improve pre-irrigation and crimps soil residue into the soil. This crimping action allows for faster decomposition of residue into vital organic matter. The Star crumbler is unsurpassed in breaking large dry clods, and is a quicker path to a well formed seedbed.

Our High-Torque Crumbler utilizes high-torque technology to provide 100% depth control at application. This equates to:

  • Maximum down force
  • Extended ripper life

Crumblers can be used as attachments to our chisels, thus leveraging the value of the chisel tillage tool’s field application through a better prepared soil surface, improved crop residue breakdown and decomposition and improved pre-irrigation, all on one pass.


  • 34,000 lb. double spherical bearing
  • Heavy duty debris shields to protect bearing seals
  • Exclusive use of tapered fabricated beams for superior strength
  • Spiral flighting coupled with larger diameter for smooth operation and improved rotation.
  • Fixed star teeth which provide significantly greater forces on clods
  • Timed teeth for maximum single tooth pressure
  • Simple bolt on teeth provide for easy replacement without disassembling entire roller. Grower only needs to purchase tooth sections and not pipe or the cost of welding together.
  • When using the optional down pressure kit,  down forces pressure on clouds can by doubled, thus further improving clod break up.


  • Down pressure kits
  • 6-9-18 tooth Star crumblers
  • Pull type crumblers