Diesel forklifts are robust material handling machines for lifting heavy loads. Quinn Lift has the diesel lift trucks you need for your job site. Our diesel forklifts in Arizona and California have exceptional endurance and power to handle challenging, heavy loads throughout the workday. Our fleet has several sizes and lift capacities to suit your application.

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Cat® Lift

Our forklifts from Caterpillar meet the industry standards for durability and performance you expect from this world-renowned manufacturer. The operator has ultimate control with excellent visibility and essential indicators.


Our Kalmar diesel lift trucks are adept at heavy-duty material handling applications with capacities up to 115,000 pounds. These forklifts last through long workdays, providing power and precision with each operation.


Our Mitsubishi forklifts offer a powerful and reliable performance every day with lift capacities up to 36,000 pounds. Complete material handling tasks with this machine that can deal with challenging, heavy loads day in and day out.


Our lift trucks from Manitou are made for rugged environments, offering excellent handling on jobs with difficult terrain like agricultural, municipalities, construction sites. Get a lift capacity of up to 15,500 pounds and choose from many lift truck styles with our Manitou trucks.

Benefits of Diesel Forklifts

When you add a diesel lift truck to your fleet, you’ll see a world of difference. The advantages of Quinn Lift’s diesel forklifts include:

  • Better performance: Diesel forklifts offer more driveline torque at a lower RPM, acceleration and speed. These lifts can handle any hydraulic conditions.
  • Higher lift capacity: Diesel lift trucks can handle heavier materials than other forklift types, making them ideal for industrial applications.
  • Longer engine life: Since the diesel forklift requires less maintenance, its engine will last longer.
  • Reduced fuel costs: Diesel costs less than propane, making diesel forklifts the cost-effective option.
  • Enhanced rearview visibility: Operators have a better view since the forklift doesn’t have a propane tank.
  • Lower total cost of ownership: The minimal maintenance requirements and economically priced fuel give you a lower ownership cost.
  • Made for the outdoors: Since diesel forklifts are unaffected by wet or damp conditions, you can use them at outdoor job sites.

Available Financing for Your Diesel Lift Truck Purchase

Quinn Lift supports your purchase with various financing plans to fit any financial circumstances. Get direct financing from Quinn or apply for a Cat® Card from Caterpillar. Use our payment calculator to determine monthly payment amounts and understand which plan fits your budget best.

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Since 1919, Quinn Lift has provided top-of-the-line equipment and dedicated service for our customers. Our diesel forklifts are from the most trusted brands in the industry and have the features you’ll need at the job site. We offer on-site support for lift trucks, including parts replacement and fluid sampling.

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