Marine Propulsion

Quinn Power Systems serves the California area from Monterey to Orange County.

Quinn Power Systems can supply Cat® commercial or pleasure craft propulsion engines from 63 to 9652 brake horsepower. Our impressive propulsion engine offering is complemented by a full line of marine generator sets from 13 to 4840 kilowatts at 60 hertz.

We also offer excellent parts and service support. Quinn Power Systems mobile field service vehicles provide repair, maintenance and overhaul on all makes and models of marine engines.

We can keep you and your boat on the water! At Quinn Power Systems, we can provide a Performance Analysis Review (PAR), engine sea trials, engine inspections, repowers and transmission repairs.

We carry most parts in stock for over the counter sales and over 95% availability within 48 hours.

EMERGENCY SERVICE (24/7) – Call (562) 463-4747


Work Boat & Commercial Marine Engines

From Fishing Boats to Luxury Yachts, Quinn Has Your Marine Engine Needs Covered.

3056(125-205 bhp, 93 -153 bkw)3512B(1100-2250 bhp, 820-1678 bkw)
C7 (250-370 bhp, 187-276 bkw)3512C (1340-2366 bhp, 1000-1765 bkw)
C12 (340-600 bhp, 254-448 bkw)3516B (1650-3000 bhp, 1230-2237 bkw)
3406C (365-400 bhp, 272-298 bkw)3516C (2131-3385 bhp, 1590-2525 bkw)
C12.9 (838-985 bhp, 625-735 bkw)C175-16 (2683-2907 bhp, 2001-2168 bkw)
C18 ACERT (469-1001 bhp, 350-747 bkw)C280-6 (2320-2722 bhp, 1730-2030 bkw)
C32 ACERT (750-1450 bhp, 559-1081 bkw)C280-8 (3084-3634 bhp, 2300-2710 bkw)
3508B (775-1500 bhp, 578-1118 bkw)C280-12 (4640-5444 bhp, 3460-4060 bkw)
3508C (775-1100 bhp, 578-820 bkw)C280-16 (6169-7577 bhp, 4600-5650 bkw)


Pleasure Craft & Personal Marine Engines

From Fishing Boats to Luxury Yachts, Quinn Has Your Marine Engine Needs Covered.

C7 ACERT (455 bhp, 339 bkW)C12 ACERT (660-705 bhp, 492-526 bkW)
C8.7 (641 bhp, 478 bkW)C12.9 (838-735 bhp, 625-985 bkW)
C9 ACERT (503-567 bhp, 375-423 bkW)C18 ACERT (1001-1136 bhp, 747-847 bkW)
C12 (570-600 bhp, 425-448 bkW)C32 ACERT (1700-1900 bhp, 1267-1417 bkW)


For more information visit Cat Marine Engine Specifications. Quinn Power Systems offers a complete line up of marine engines and generator sets for vessels of all sizes, no matter their function.

For more information about our marine engine offerings email our Engine Sales Department or call (562) 463-4747.