Cat D8 Dozer Safety


Keep your operators safe on your Cat D8 with a specially designed platform and window guards engineered by Quinn Company. Manufactured in our weld shop, the platform and window guards were designed with operator safety and equipment protection in mind.

Safety First

Our dozer platform was designed to protect your operators. The platform allows your operators to safely access high points on the Cat D8. Whether performing routine machine maintenance of fueling, checking the battery, greasing the ripper linkage, clearing debris, or even washing the windows, the dozer platform provides a safe and secure walking area. Handrails along the platform ensure three points of contact are available at all times.

The platform creates a walkway where operators can safely and easily retrieve and install the newly designed window guards from Quinn Company.

Window Guards

Feel secure knowing your D8 windows are protected against the elements, pests and theft. When shutting down your jobsite for the night, our specifically designed guards will protect your Cat dozer from inclement weather, from investigating pests, and from jobsite intruders looking to vandalize or steal equipment. Guards can be stored out of the way on the D8 rooftop during operation.

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