Turbo-Mist™ Standard Duty Sprayers

Turbo-mist standard series sprayers are a more compact design of the heavy duty sprayer series and ideal for most crop applications. The standard sprayer series covers 9 models suitable for 10-100 acre hobby farms to small scale commercial farms.

Features Include

Regulator designed for improved durability and accuracy

Polished stainless steel tanks with a 10 year guarantee

Robust 2-speed gearbox with a neutral position

Suction filter with a stainless steel screen

Pumps performing up to 42 US gallons per minute

Choice between a clevis or turbosteer hitch system

Axial flow turbine

Adjustable orchard head

High quality steel tube frames with hand crank jack

Electronic controls

2 Stainless steel booms with individual shutoff switches

Available Attachments

Low drift towers

Rate controller

Leaf blower

Weed boom (available on 30 inch turbines)

Under vine blowers for grapes

Hops tower

30” Cannon (with 13 nozzle boom)

Canon- one sided fixed

Scorpion tower

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