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Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson Tractors

With a 150-year history, Massey Ferguson is a farming equipment company recognized around the world. Massey Ferguson makes tractors for people with agricultural operations of all sizes, from large commercial farms to small plots of family land.

Quinn Company sells a wide selection of new Massey Ferguson tractors, so you can find the equipment that’s right for you. We have six types of tractors for sale, each of which is an excellent choice for farmers and landowners of all kinds.

1. Garden-Compact

The sub-compact tractors in Massey Ferguson’s GC1700 line are ideal for small farms, part-time farmers and anyone who wants a small tractor to handle a variety of jobs.

These sub-compact tractors are built to be versatile, reliable and easy to drive. We sell sub-compacts that range from 22.5 to 25 horsepower and feature 6610-pound rear lift capacity, 870 pound loader capacity and a 77.5 inch backhoe digging depth.

2. Compact

Massey Ferguson’s compact tractors have more power than sub-compacts while retaining a small frame. These compacts are efficient and economical, perfect for hobby farmers and professionals alike.

We offer Massey Ferguson compact tractors in the 1500 and 1700 lines. They have enough horsepower to tackle a variety of jobs, and with mechanical controls close within reach, these tractors drive easily and provide great control.

Quinn sells compact tractors from Massey Ferguson with multiple capacities and price points, so you can compare options and choose the equipment that meets your needs.

3. Utility Tractors

Massey Ferguson utility tractors offer superior versatility, strength and ease of use. These tractors are built to tackle a variety of tasks and switch between jobs easily.

With a variety of options to chose from at Quinn, you can find a utility tractor ideal for tilling, loader work, landscaping and more.

4. Mid-Range Tractors

The Massey Ferguson mid-range tractors are uniquely designed for more power to pull heavier implements, while still being nimble enough to maneuver almost anywhere. You get the versatility and ease-of-use you need to feel right at home during a long day’s work.

5. Orchard Cab

At Quinn we sell a wide range of specialty tractors. One tractor designed specifically for use in orchards that can provide protection and comfort for operators in many environments. The enclosed orchard cab tractor features a low-profile steel frame to protect crops and a design that provides visibility in all directions. It also has features to keep the drive safe and comfortable all year round, including air conditioning, heating and cab filtration. 

6. High Horsepower

The high horsepower, next generation of Massey Ferguson tractors are dependable, no-nonsense, low-maintenance tractors built to work the same way you do. From row crops to dairy farms and livestock, the Massey Ferguson high horsepower tractors were created for farms like yours.

7. Hay and Forage Equipment

Hay and grain farmers require specialized tractors to get the job done. For these farmers, we sell several self-propelled Massey Ferguson windrowers and balers.

Easy to operate and highly efficient, these tractors give you the precise amount of power you need. When selecting your windrower, you can choose a model with 148, 208 or 240 boosted horsepower.


Why Choose a Massey Ferguson Tractor?

Massey Ferguson has a history of excellence, consistently serving farmers and other customers by pushing innovative designs and creating equipment that makes your job easier. With flexible financing and customizable tractor options, Massey Ferguson makes it possible to get the new tractor you need within your budget.

If you’re looking for a Massey Ferguson tractor dealer in California, consider shopping with Quinn Company. We can provide additional financing for your equipment and comprehensive customer support at our 22 convenient locations.

See our selection of new Massey Ferguson tractors online and contact us for more information today.