Fendt 1000 Series 1042 Vario

Fendt Ag Tractors


Fendt is more than just a tractor. Fendt sets the standard in efficiency and driving for agricultural machinery. From the 500 Vario series to the 1100 Vario series, Fendt tractors make it easier to work efficiently and economically.

Tried and proven as a farm tractor, a Fendt is also convincing as a forestry or municipal tractor. With a Fendt – you will find the right solutions for industry, roads and the environment.

Reach your goals faster with Fendt.

With 400 years of engineering excellence behind the name, Fendt tractors deliver precision, performance and durability.


Offers a clear, practical display (7-in or 10.4-in options) with multiple screen modes (full, half, split, and four-in-one). The terminal integrates the tractor and implement controls, camera function, guidance, and documentation.

Multi-Function Joystick

Control up to 10 ISOBUS implement functions with the four-way, multi-function joystick featuring additional operating buttons for the 3rd and 4th auxiliary hydraulic control unit, cruise control, engine-speed memory buttons and activation of Variotronic headland management.

Fendt Guide

Work with precision without having to actively steel, when working with wide implements or even in poor reception, reduced product overlapping can save 3-10%.

Fendt TaskDoc*

Quickly capture – and wirelessly transfer – data like seed quantity, fertilizer applied or fuel consumption.

Fendt TaskDoc Pro

Record and transfer GPS position in real time.

Fendt Rate Control

Plan inputs in field files and precisely apply them every time, saving on operating inputs.

Fendt Section Control for ISOBUS Implements

Automated control ensures seeds, fertilizer and pesticides are applied evenly and economically, preventing overlaps.

Data Management You Can Actually Use

Fendt Connect seamlessly links your operations, your office, and your local Quinn service location, providing remote, real-time monitoring, decision-making and diagnostics. Via smartphone, tablet, or laptop – Fendt Connect keeps you connected while in the field.

With Fendt Connect you can:

  • See where your machines are and how they are performing in real time
  • Monitor fault codes and performance parameters
Built by Fendt. Only for Fendt.

With Fendt’s CargoProfi management software, you’ll have full visibility and control over your load weight and bucket capacity. You’ll have a loader with a high-capacity load-sensing hydraulic pump that delivers up to 51 gpm. You’ll stop wasting feed and overloading your trailers with the loader’s built in sensors.

Fendt CargoProfi features:

  • The panoramic front window lets you see the bucket, even when fully raised
  • Weight and tilt sensors enable precision loading, and the integrated weighing function tells you when the exact target weight is reached
  • End-position damping ensures loader is raised gently and smoothly, minimizing material loss
  • Shaking function completely empties the bucket
  • Automatically save the arm position for frequently used procedures
  • Lift-height limiter and tipping-angle setting enable work in low-height buildings and while loading tall trailers
Fendt Stability Control (FSC)

Fendt Stability Control (option on certain models) takes steering precision, driving stability and braking safety to new levels. At speeds above 12.4 mph, FSC locks the front axle suspension cylinders and dampens side-to-side movement for maximum stability during transport. When speeds drop below the FSC threshold, the system automatically disengages to ensure maximum ground contact with all four tires.

Fendt VarioGrip

An industry first, Fendt’s VarioGrip Central Tire Inflation System automatically adjusts inner tire pressure from 0.6 – 2.5 bar when transitioning from field work to loading, even at maximum speed.

VarioDrive CVT

The stepless VarioDrive CVT features intelligent torque distribution technology to automatically divert power from front and rear axles to minimize slip, optimize engine power, and maximize fuel economy.


The Fendt VariotronicTI headland management system (available on select models) allows you to define, store and reuse recurring steps, from raising your implement at the headland through to lowering it again. This generates a sequence of steps that you are then able to access manually at the push of a button for any subsequent turning maneuvers. For unparalleled safety, reliability, precision and comfort at your fingertips, chose Fendt Variotronic.

Parts & Service

Quinn Ag Products only uses genuine AGCO™ parts, installed by our factory-trained certified technicians, so you’re Fendt is always 100% Fendt.

Loaner tractors are available within the warranty period if your tractor cannot be repaired within 48 working hours (based on 12 working hours per day).


The Fendt warranty covers three years or 3,000 hours, including all scheduled routine maintenance and all other required repairs.

Contact a Quinn Ag sales representative today to learn more about the Fendt Ag tractors.