In Caterpillar’s largest new product introduction, the next generation backhoe loaders, compact track loaders, skid steer loaders, dozers, excavators, and motor graders were unveiled. Attend one of our product demos in November and read on for more information on the next generation of Cat machines.

We’re focused on helping our customers be more efficient with our equipment than anyone else’s – and the new Next Generation Cat® machines are meant to do just that. The next generation designs were entirely rebuilt from the ground up. Incorporating smart technology, they offer increased efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and lower maintenance costs – up to 20% lower depending on model.

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Next Gen Backhoe Loaders

The next generation Cat 440 & 450 backhoe loaders deliver:

An improved experience – enhanced features, including seat-mounted controls

Improved machine performance – up to 15% higher lift capacity

Increased power – up to 19% more breakout force

Click here to view more Cat backhoe loader next generation features.

Next Gen Compact Track & Skid Steer Loaders

The next generation of Cat compact track loaders and skid steer loaders offer:

An industry leading sealed and pressurized cab option

Available high-back, heated, air ride seat with seat mounted adjustable joystick controls

High performance power train

High flow hydraulic system

Electronically controlled Cat C2.2 engine

Cat “Intelligent Leveling” system

Maximized machine capability and control

Ground level access to all daily and routine maintenance points

Broad range of performance matched Cat work tools

Click here to view more next gen compact track loader features and skid steer loader features from Cat.


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Next Gen Dozers

The next generation of Cat dozers offer power, agility, and intelligence in an all new design – it’s EARTHMOVING REIMAGINED.

The new D6 dozers groundbreaking technology, revolutionary design and innovation bring renowned performance with lower operating costs.


UP TO 50%

Using factory-integrated productivity technologies, the new D6 works faster and more accurately with less fuel and effort.  Whether you use standard technologies like Slope Indicate and Cat Grade with Slope Assist or add the optional system, Cat Grade with 3D, you’ll see the changes right away.


Do more work with every tank. To optimize performance and fuel burn, the new D6 features a high-efficiency powertrain and fully automatic shifting. Equipped with the world’s first high drive electric drive system, The D6 XE offers maximum power, maneuverability and fuel savings.


The new offers longer intervals, fewer filters and less fluid—plus easy service access, a highly reliable fuel system and a standard reversing fan that cuts cleanup time. It’s quick, cost effective maintenance.



Cat’s D6 and D6 XE dozers include:

  • More productivity. Slope Indicate and Cat Grade with Slope Assist are standard, so work gets done more quickly and accurately with less fuel and effort.
  • Better fuel efficiency. A high-efficiency powertrain, fully automatic shifting (D6) and the world’s first high drive electric drive system (D6 XE) result in up to 35% fuel efficiency gains.
  • Less maintenance. Longer intervals, fewer filters and fluids, plus easy service access combine to deliver up to a 12% reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Greater versatility. A big selection of undercarriage, drive train and blade configurations makes it easy to customize for any job.
  • Extra comfort and safety.  The quiet cab features a roomier seat, touchscreen monitor, new HVAC system, great visibility and standard rearview camera.

To learn more about the Cat next generation D6 series dozer, click here to visit Cat’s website.


Next Gen Excavators

Plug and play for a smart phone is nothing new. Plug and play for a 20-ton excavator….that’s something new. During one of the largest new production introductions in Caterpillar history, Cat recently announced the next generation of excavators, mini-excavators, and micro-excavators. The new line of Cat next gen excavators was designed to bring you more model options, more standard technologies, and more price points in all size options – from the mini-excavators all the way up to the large. Cat’s new line of excavators raise the bar. They are reliable, comfortable, and productive, with a higher production performance.


The choice is yours. Compare excavator models and features at Cat today.

Next Gen Motor Graders

Highly customizable for a true “operator experience”, the next gen Cat motor graders are designed to elevate production and lower costs.


Proven steering wheel and lever controls

Fuel savings of up to 10%-15% (depending on model)

Up to 15%-20% lower maintenance costs (depending on model)

A comfortable work environment

Quick, accurate grading

For more information on Cat next generation 120 & 140 motor graders, click here.


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