About Technician Careers

Working for Quinn Company means working with the best in the business. Being a dealer technician is a high-tech, hands-on career that’s in high demand. Quinn Company offers a variety of Heavy Equipment and Diesel Technician opportunities, whether you’re interested in heavy equipment, power generation, marine engines or more, chances are Quinn Company is looking for you.

You will apply your skills and training to repair, recondition and service machines, components and systems from Caterpillar® and other manufacturers, and perform diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures.

Whether you choose to follow a career path as a shop technician, field technician or supervisor, advancement opportunities will be within your reach. Take a few minutes to review our Technician areas that might work for you!!


As you begin your career path as an entry-level technician you will learn how to repair, recondition and service Caterpillar and other heavy equipment. From there you can work your way into specialty tech role, lead shop tech role, or field service technician role. You can also advance to management roles if you desire and demonstrate leadership abilities.

Quinn Machine Services

Machine Shop Service Technician

In your role as a heavy equipment technician you will help repair and diagnose, maintenance and rebuild Caterpillar equipment. As a shop technician you work mainly in the shop and your support capabilities can range from minor repairs to complete rebuilds. Our shop technicians use the latest technology for electronic diagnostics and system schematics. Our Quinn shop technicians set the standard for Caterpillar Machine repair. If you like being in the shop and have experience on CAT equipment then a shop technician is for you.

Field Service Technician

In your role as a field service technician your expertise will be used on jobsite repairs for Caterpillar heavy equipment. Quinn Company field service technicians are the best in the business; they are highly qualified and trained on all aspects in Caterpillar Machinery. Field technicians can virtually make any repair on the spot. As a field tech you will run your own truck equipped with specialized high tech equipment, tools, service manuals and diagnostic equipment and high capacity hydraulic cranes. If you like working out in the field facing new challenges everyday then a field service technician is for you.



As a Quinn specialty technician you will specialize in machining, welding or painting. As a specialist you will understand metals, to fabrication to painting. Our specialty technicians work either in our weld shop or machine shop and provide service for Caterpillar equipment and components. As a specialist technician you will work with other shop technicians whether it’s helping complete repairs, welding frames and buckets, painting rebuilds to fabricating a specialized tooling for repair.   If you like a challenging and rewarding career specializing in these key areas then the specialist is for you.

Quinn Rental Services

Quinn Rental Service Technician

In your role as a Quinn Rental Tech you will work in our Quinn Rental Services Department. In our Rental Services Department you will help trouble- shoot, repair, recondition and service a full line of our Caterpillar equipment as well as a variety of other brands and tools. Keeping our equipment up and running is our top priority. As a Rental Technician you will make sure our rental equipment is always in top shape and ready for our customers at all times. If you have experience in rental repair then our rental division is for you.

Quinn Lift Services

Quinn Lift Technician

As a Lift technician you will work in our lift division and specialize in service for all makes and models of lift trucks. Our goal is to keep our customers lift trucks and handling equipment up and running with total product support and field service repair. Quinn Lift technicians are the best when it comes to troubleshooting and diagnosing forklift malfunctions and failures. If you have a specialized skill in forklift repair then our lift division is for you.

Quinn Truck Engine Services

Quinn Diesel Technician

In your role as a diesel technician you will work in our truck shop servicing and maintaining engines. As a diesel technician you will have the experience, the tools and the know how to get the customers engine back up and running quickly. From regular maintenance to complete engine overhauls.  As a diesel technician you will service all types of engines, from CAT engines, to school bus engine repair, fire truck engine repair or commercial trucks. No matter what type of engine service our customer needs you will be the expert our customer depends on.  If you have experience working on diesel engines then our engines services shop is the place for you.

Quinn Power Systems

Electric Power Generation Field Service

As a field service technician you will diagnose and repair power generation equipment including gas diesel engines, generators, transfer switches and switch gears at the customer’s location. As a field service tech you will run your own service truck equipped with special purpose Caterpillar tools, service manuals and diagnostic equipment. Our customers will depend on you to provide accurate trouble shooting and repair to get their business up and running. If you have experience in electrical and power generation then our Power Systems division is where you want to be.

Marine Diesel Technician

Have you ever wondered what powers your favorite boat or vessel? It’s probably a CAT marine engine. As a marine technician you will work with powerful and efficient CAT natural gas and diesel engines for marine vessels. You will go out to our customers where you will diagnose, run maintenance or repair CAT marine engines. As a marine technician you will run a service van equipped with sophisticated tools and diagnostic equipment to get the customers boats or vessels back up and running.  From oil sampling to complete engine repair you will be the technician for the job. Working on marine engines is a specialized expertise if you have what it takes then a marine tech is for you.