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Power Systems Rentals

Are you looking for a temporary power solution or an air compressor rental in California? You’ve come to the right place.

Call 800.789.9781 rental power support from Quinn Power Systems.

Quinn Power Systems has the most dependable and up-to-date electric power rental equipment and high-pressure air compressor rentals in central and southern California. Our power rental product line is designed to your needs during both emergency and planned outages. Our air compressor and power products serve commercial, industrial, institutional and manufacturing facilities as well as our agricultural clients.

Why Choose Quinn for Your Power Rental in California?

Since 1919, Quinn Power Systems has offered sales, rentals and service of high-quality industrial machinery. With the largest selection of rental power equipment in California, we have generators, load banks and other products for every possible application. You can also rent high-pressure air compressors for your one-time jobs or when your equipment is being fixed.

Rental Power California Businesses Rely on Quinn to Drive Progress

When you partner with Quinn for your temporary power supply and air compressor rentals, you benefit from an extensive selection that includes:

  • Generator sets ranging from 20KW to 2000KW and 5.2 MW turbines
  • Temperature control expertise including chiller, AC and cooling tower applications
  • Compressed air solutions including air dryers, receivers and oil-free compressors
  • Reliable equipment built exclusively for rental

In addition to a large inventory of rental equipment, our experienced, factory-trained technicians maintain all our rental equipment to exacting standards. When you rent from Quinn, you get a reliable machine that works well.


Rental Load Banks

Quinn Power Systems offers portable resistive load-banks for rent in sizes from 100kW to 5.0MVA. We have expanded our load bank fleet, available for distribution throughout our California locations.

A load bank mimics the real-world power needs of your generator to ensure it is able to produce the required output levels in an emergency. Regular load banking of your generator is an essential maintenance item that ensures your equipment is still in running condition, even after a long period of dormancy.

Power Generation

  • 20kW to 2,000kW
  • EPA/CARB Certified
  • Multi-Voltage Capabilities
  • Sound Attenuated 65dba – 72dba
  • Trailer Mounted
  • On Board Double Wall Contained Fuel Tanks
  • Auto–Start Capable
  • Unlimited Paralleling Capability

Compressed Air

  • 100% Oil Free Electric Drive Air Compressors 400 to 800 CFM
  • 100% Oil Free Diesel Drive Air Compressors 1,500 CFM
  • Oil Flooded Air Diesel Drive 375 to 1,600 CFM
  • Instrument Quality Air Diesel Drive 375 to 1,600 CFM
  • High Pressure Compressors 900 to 1,150 CFM, 350 to 500 PSI
  • Oil Flooded Aftercooled Variable Speed Electric Drive 40 to 300 HP, 80 to 175 PSI
  • New and Used Sales 185 to 1,900 CFM Diesel and Electric
  • Authorized Sullair Service and parts Center for Central and Southern California
  • Custom-Built Compressor Packages
  • Boosters up to 3,600 PSI

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

  • 25, 60, and 90 ton DX Electric Heat/Air Conditioning Units
  • Air Handling Units to 30,000 CFM with Chill Water Coil & Electric Heat
  • 25 to 600 ton Air Cooled Chillers
  • 500 ton Water Cooled Chillers
  • 180 to 750 ton Cooling Towers
  • 10 to 60 HP Water Pumps with Variable Flow Capabilities
  • Used Equipment Sales Available
  • Custom Packages Built to Specification
  • 3 MBTU Boilers

Why Rent?

Renting air compressors and power equipment offers a number of advantages over buying outright. When you’re working with a limited budget and have a temporary need, Quinn can fill the gap with cost-effective rentals.

Many of our clients rent generator sets to handle temporary power outages while electrical upgrades are being performed. Construction and mining companies use our products for work in remote jobsites where other sources of power are not accessible. Manufacturing and packaging facilities have rented equipment to help fulfill large one-off orders. Operations that have out-of-commission air compressors rely on our rentals to keep productivity going until theirs can be fixed.

There are other benefits of short- or long-term power and air compressor rentals for California businesses, too. When you rent, you:

  • Save on maintenance costs and enjoy less chance of breakdown: All power system rentals come fully serviced by our factory-trained technicians for reliable use in any conditions.
  • Don’t have to make an investment: You can free up capital for use on other things by renting instead of buying – your credit rating will also improve as rentals do not appear as a liability on your company’s balance sheet.
  • Get modern efficiencies without breaking the bank: You may not be able to afford to replace your aging generator or other power equipment outright. By renting, you can take advantage of the savings today’s modern technology offers.

Quinn Power Systems also offers delivery, sizing, hook-up and fuel services along with spider boxes, distribution, cables, transfer switches, and cable ramps.

For more information download our Quinn Power Systems Rental Brochure  or call (800) 789-9781.