Ever-Pac Portable Line Boring & Welding

Engine Line Bore Machining

Proper line boring during the engine rebuilding process ensures that bores for camshaft and crankshaft housings are in perfect alignment, which can prevent engine damage down the road. Correct line boring is essential for establishing the proper crank center line, which serves as a basis for other vital machining processes. Ever-Pac, a full-service machine shop located in Riverside, CA specializing in precision machining and salvage repair, is your source for reliable and affordable engine line bore machining in Southern California.

We Offer a Broad Selection of Engine Line Bore Machining Solutions

Ever-Pac has the advanced tooling and equipment, along with a high level of technical expertise to perform a wide range of engine line bore machining services to clients throughout Southern California. Our portable line boring and welding services include complete reconditioning of articulated hitches for loaders and scrapers, as well as for buckets and dozers. We can also build up and machine any component to its original size, which can reduce the high costs associated with purchasing brand-new parts. We perform in-place precision line bore machining whenever possible, which eliminates the extra time and expense involved with complete engine removal and reinstallation.

Fast and Dependable Service is the Hallmark of Our Portable Engine Line Bore Machining Services

At Ever-Pac, we understand that getting an engine rebuilt as quickly as possible is critical for getting your vehicle back on the road or on the job site. With a fleet of four fully-equipped service trucks, we are capable of providing fast and dependable engine line bore machining service to our Southern California client base. We are committed to getting your equipment up and running as quickly as possible and keeping unproductive downtime to a minimum.

Our Machinists Are the Best in the Business

Our engine line bore machining services are performed by highly-skilled and experienced machinists who will do the job right the first time. Our machinists have specialized expertise in working with Cat 3500 and 3600 Series engines and are also capable of performing precision machining on other popular engine types. Whether your machine is located in Southern California or outside the region, our talented machinists are willing and able to come to you.

Ever-Pac is Part of Quinn Company

Ever-Pac is a division of Quinn Company, a Southern California based company that has been providing reliable and affordable heavy equipment solutions to businesses in Southern and Central California for nearly 100 years. Our engine line bore machining solutions in Riverside, CA are backed by the reputation for honesty and integrity that has been the cornerstone of the Quinn Company operating philosophy since the very beginning. Contact us for a free engine line bore machining quote today!