Ever-Pac Precision Machining

Ever-Pac Engine Block Repair

Ever-Pac is a full-service machine shop located in Riverside, CA specializing in precision machining and salvage repair of most major makes of components and engines. Because it is a salvage machine shop, Ever-Pac can combine various welding, fabricating, and machining processes offering an alternative to purchasing new components.

Ever-Pac’s capabilities include vertical boring, line boring, grinding, surfacing, welding, and custom machine work such as diesel engine block machining. Other applications include rebuilding bores and hydraulic cylinder rods, repairing heavy machine engine blocks, building-up shafts, and salvaging housings.

Ever-Pac Services Overview

Here is a brief overview of the many services Ever-Pac has to offer:

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Services: We offer comprehensive hydraulic services including inspection, maintenance, repairs and fabrication for Cat equipment and components, as well as all other leading brands. We use our in-depth experience and knowledge to quickly diagnose and alleviate the issues you’re experiencing with your hydraulic cylinder. We have advanced tools that help us analyze areas for improvement in your equipment, allowing us to execute repairs and services so your hydraulic cylinders reach optimal operation. We know you depend on quality equipment to do quality work, and we help ensure your hydraulic cylinders are working at peak potential.
  • Hydraulic Pump Repair: We can handle hydraulic pump repairs for Cat and allied pumps and motors. Not only do we possess the knowledge and experience needed to do outstanding service on your hydraulic pump, but we also have advanced test equipment that can help determine the level of effectiveness of your pumps and to identify what can be done to improve performance. This is not equipment you would want or need to invest in — but it’s equipment we keep and maintain as we help service hydraulic pumps and provide repair services to companies across a variety of industries.
  • Portable Line Welding and Boring: We can do everything from reconditioning of dozers and buckets to reconditioning of articulated hitches for scrapers and loaders. It’s important to provide this range of services to customers like you because not all equipment requires the same level of welding and boring. We can help by simply welding up bores, machining bores or both in instances where it’s warranted. We provide these comprehensive line welding and boring services to ensure we can always meet your unique needs.
  • Engine Block Repair and Machining: We feature the innovative Rottler Cylinder Block Machine, which is ideally suited for repairing heavy machine engine blocks found in large construction and earthmoving equipment. Your equipment represents a significant investment, and our engine block repair and machining helps extend the usable life of your equipment to create long-term value. We use precision tools to discover the exact dimension of repairs or machining needed, and we work quickly and conscientiously to ensure you get back an engine block that is operating at its fullest potential.
  • Line boring of engine blocks: We deliver line boring of engine blocks in places worldwide. Our services are most often to replace worn-out or damaged bores, to realign bores or to correct bore centers. We make sure your bearing caps are replaced with caps that deliver the same (or better) in strength and performance. The result should be consistency and rehabilitated equipment that performs just as it did when brand new.

Why Choose These Services?

Our customers come from a range of industries, and the equipment we work on includes engines for locomotives, trucks, construction equipment and more.

Why should you be interested in maintenance and repair service for engine blocks, hydraulics and other components? Because proper repair and maintenance can make the difference in your equipment reaching its potential and delivering the utmost in value over the longest period of time — or breaking down early, which incurs significant replacement costs. A professional service company like Quinn Company can ensure you’re getting the very best in repair and maintenance.

Our Trained Specialists Make a Critical Difference

These days, having a general knowledge of engine block repair and other machine shop services is not enough to work with today’s complex engines and components. The machinists at Ever-Pac in Riverside, CA are trained in specialized fields and have the ability to repair and fabricate to specifications. Our machinists are also committed to performing diesel engine block machining and our other services as quickly as possible, so you can get your equipment back on the jobsite. Get in touch with us today to learn more!