Seismic Certification ensures critical facilities remain fully functional after a seismic event

Because a continuous source of power is required to reliably operate critical equipment in the hospital industry, standby generator sets are indispensable in medical facilities. Ensuring the dependability of a generator set, however, can be a challenge, particularly in California, where seismic activity can threaten the equipment that allows hospitals to save lives. In response to this threat, the state of California adopted the International Code Council’s 2006 International Building Code (IBC) in the 2007 California Building Code (CBC). Because the IBC includes provisions that cover not only building structure, but building systems and components as well, conformance to this code is vital in ensuring that generator sets—and the critical equipment that they power during an outage—remain functional in the event of an earthquake.

A rigid adherence to the CBC is essential in the prevention of both unnecessary loss of life due to system failure and liability for such a failure. Click here to learn more.