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Mini Excavators

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Whether you work in construction, demolition or landscaping, your industrial workplace can benefit from a fleet of reliable and efficient mini excavators. Though these compact machines are primarily used for digging, they can handle countless vital applications to increase performance and productivity on your jobsite.

At Quinn Company, we have dozens of new mini excavators in California designed with advanced operational capabilities and innovative features. We've kept up with all the latest Cat® equipment and parts since our establishment in 1919.





Cat® Mini Excavators for Sale

Like standard excavators, mini excavators can take on many versatile tasks, such as demolition, material handling, landscaping and trenching. However, their compact size grants them greater maneuverability than larger machines, enabling them to access hard-to-reach spaces with ease. 

When you purchase our new Cat mini excavators, you'll experience numerous advantages from these small machines, including:

  • Tight navigation. Our mini excavators have advanced maneuvering proficiencies that enable them to reach tight areas, navigating turns and rotations better than standard excavators. 
  • High performance. Cat mini excavators boast high travel speeds, short cycle times and fast grading. These high-powered vehicles are also highly durable, with enhanced strength and superior handling capabilities that allow them to take on even the toughest excavation jobs.
  • Comfortability. Our compact vehicles cultivate a comfortable work environment for operators, with a sealed and pressurized cab for noise reduction, air conditioning options and ergonomic controls.
  • Easy maintenance. When it comes to upkeep, Cat mini excavators are as efficient as they come. Our equipment features accessible ground-level service points, easily replaceable components and a tilt-up cab for more complex reach.
  • Versatility. Mini excavators are compatible with many useful attachments for more versatile operation, such as buckets, augurs and hammers.

Quinn Company Is Your California Destination for New Mini Excavators

As California's trusted Cat dealer, we strive to provide our customers with the tools, services and resources they need for seamless equipment acquisition, upkeep and long-lasting use. The Quinn team is always prepared to provide high-quality products and expert assistance, including:

  • Financing options. Purchasing new equipment is a significant investment for any company. That's why we help customers find a payment plan that works for them with our various financing options.
  • Parts. Our comprehensive selection of parts includes numerous new, used and remanufactured parts for practically any machine you may have in your fleet.
  • Services. If your mini excavators require maintenance or repairs, our talented and knowledgeable technicians can implement the proper fixes to minimize downtime.
  • Product support. We have many specialized resources you can use to ensure your machines run efficiently for years to come, such as our parts drop boxes and customer training sessions.

Find New Mini Excavators for Sale at Quinn Company Today

If you're looking for new Cat mini excavators that rise above the competition, you can find them at Quinn Company. Our state-of-the-art Cat equipment, skilled factory-trained technicians and over 100 years of experience make us the dealer you can trust.

Contact us online or give us a call at 888-987-8466 to learn more about our products today!