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Container Handlers

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On or off ships. On or off trains. Between the foundry and the factory. From assembly to transportation. Kalmar heavy forklifts perform flawlessly - every day of the week.

Moving thousands of tons each day is a tough job. Whether it’s at a terminal, factory, or assembly line, you want your forklift to be reliable, productive, and safe.

Kalmar heavy forklifts for container handling are known for their strength, mobility, and versatility. Choose a Kalmar heavy forklift to be the strongest link in your logistics value chain.

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Reliability and maneuvering precision allow operators to work with maximum productivity
Ergonomics and safety featuring:
Excellent visibility
Low noise level
User-friendly adjustments
Power Mode: Activated
Load sensing and automatic oil flow adjustment = 40% faster lifting cycles and reduced fuel consumption
Drive Modes
Shift between three different drive modes using the cabin display screen to adapt to each individual task
Economy Mode: Optional
Switch the engine to economy mode and reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%
Features & Improvements:
Extended service intervals (due after 500 hours, compared to 50 hours)
Unplanned standstills have been reduced with intelligent error detection
Reduce fuel consumption up to 5% with the new Stage V and Tier 4 Final compliant engines
Optimized variable hydraulic system and variable cooling fan allows for savings up to 10%
Curved windows improve visibility
See around bulky loads with the sideways tiltable wheel
Kalmar Parts
Kalmar offers more than 50,000 premium-quality genuine OEM parts - Contact your local Quinn lift sales representative when you need quality parts.
Kalmar Insight
Manage your daily operations with Kalmar Insight. Kalmar Insight provides an overview of your operations, equipment status, and equipment performance, allowing you to make decisions and take quick action to improve equipment performance – also available aftermarket for non-Kalmar branded lift trucks.

Ask your Quinn lift sales representative about financing options and training.

It's a tough job. Kalmar heavy forklifts make it easier. Order today!