Rough Terrain Forklifts for Sale

Rough terrain or off-road forklifts are designed to navigate job sites with rugged landscapes, including hills, ditches, and soft or muddy ground. Quinn Lift has off-road forklifts in Arizona and California that can handle more challenging environments such as sod, citrus, pipe yards, and agricultural fields/farms. We have off-road forklifts from many reputable manufacturers with the features and specifications you need to lift and transport heavy materials.


Manitou off-road forklifts are made for the tough terrain of construction sites and similar outdoor applications. These machines are simple and efficient for material handling uses. The models in our fleet include:

  • M 30-2
  • M 30-4
  • M 40-2
  • M 40-4
  • M 50-2
  • M 50-4


HARLO is an established rough terrain forklift manufacturer that makes dependable machines. The HARLO models in our fleet include:

  • HP5000
  • HP6500
  • HP8500

Manitex Liftking

Our Manitex Liftking forklifts give you high-quality and reliable performance at every job site. Features include ergonomic controls, easily accessible service points, simple operation and high ground clearance. The Manitex Liftking models in our fleet include:

  • Model M with 6,000 to 10,000-pound load capacity
  • Model P with 6,000 to 12,000-pound load capacity

Benefits of Rough Terrain Lift Trucks

An off-road lift truck’s primary advantage is its maneuverability in harsh environments due to the oversized, threaded tires. Operators have greater control for stability, precision and steering response, so the machine is safe to operate and less likely to tip over.

In addition to a design tailored for navigation in challenging conditions, off-road forklifts offer these benefits:

  • High ground clearance: Since off-road forklifts have all-terrain capabilities, the lift truck can drive on rough surfaces and climb embankments without getting stuck.
  • Better traction: Rough terrain forklifts have excellent terrain grip and stability in uneven, muddy and soft ground conditions. The lift truck can navigate over these surfaces to operate effectively.
  • Optimal power output: Rough terrain lift trucks have power setups that provide power to each tire, ensuring a continuous power supply and mobilization.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Since off-road lift trucks are made to handle any terrain, they’re built for efficiency and durability. You can get more out of your machine with less wear and tear.

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