Weldcraft harvesting equipment is engineered for your benefit. Weldcraft knows your operation depends on the quality and quantity of your harvest. You can expect your Weldcraft equipment to perform for your maximum productivity and reliability during your next harvest.

Weldcraft manufacturers all the equipment you need for your fruit and nut orchards.


Bankouts are offered in both rear engine (with air cab) and side engine (without air cab) configurations. The side engine model can also double as a bin carrier. Bankouts feature a low profile design, independent rear steering, and all-wheel drive (4WD) which make it ideal for quick loading/unloading.

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Bin Carriers

Be more productive – get your empty bins out and your full bins in – with the Wedlcraft bin carriers. Weldcraft bin carriers offer a wide array of options (including rubber roller front forks and bulk insert kits) – accommodating almost any crop in a variety of bin sizes. The bin carrier’s cab is positioned with a clear view of the forks (optional) and tree line. They also include independent rear steering, 7 bin capacity, and joy stick control for improved operator comfort. 

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Bin Dumpers

Weldcraft bin dumpers offer 180° of rotation, fit almost any forklift, and dumps all common size bins – giving you empty bins on the first dump. Their rugged construction, smooth & fast operation, and hydraulic motor offers fast dumping with zero down time. Make the Weldcraft bin dumper your only bin dumper.

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Bulk Trailers

With the highest capacity reservoir on the market, the Weldcraft bulk trailer keeps your harvester running longer and faster. The bulk trailer features an auto start push bar, tapered front corners, an adjustable hitch, and ¼” front skid plate. It’s the bulk trailer of choice when you’re looking for a more efficient operation – larger loads and less trips.

Continuous Flow Receiver

Weldcraft’s continuous flow receiver features a low profile design, light for night operations, and adjustable hydraulic deflector angle. The flexibility of its 90 degree tilt will maximize your harvest and improve your operation.

Field Elevators

Weldcraft’s self-propelled field elevator makes it convenient and easy to move from truck to truck unassisted. The elevator features a 36” wide conveyor belt, dual man platforms, and dual dry element air cleaners and pre cleaners. Get your harvest loaded faster with the Weldcraft field elevator!

Pruning Towers

With a 40 year track record, these are the smoothest and safest pruning towers on the market. No branch is out of reach with the Weldcraft pruning tower! The 25’ tower features a Cat C1.1 Tier 4 Final diesel engine, 2 speed ground drive systems, 35’ work height and an auto shut-down system.  Add the optional bucket heater unit for operator comfort. Improve your pruning operations today with the Weldcraft pruning towers.

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Side by Side Shakers

For dense planting or wide spacing, the expandable Weldcraft side shakers can perform in the toughest conditions. Whether your harvesting almonds or pistachios, side shakers can improve your harvest with fast and efficient tree shaking. Boost your harvest with the Weldcraft side by side tree shaker!

Side Mount Shakers

Weldcraft’s side mount shakers will travel straight up and down your almond or pistachio orchard rows without needing to backup. Speeding up your harvest – the Weldcraft side mount shaker can harvest up to 7 trees per minute – improving the speed and efficiency of your operation. With multiple options including shaker patterns and hydraulic height adjustment, side mount shakers are the choice for superior shaking!

Straight Through Pans

The Weldcraft straight through pans are ideal for close planting situations. With a 30” wide conveyor, and options that include sweepers, bulk nut attachments, prune sizers, and walnut cleaning chains, straight through pans are economical and effective. Expandable depending on space, the straight through pan offers better visibility for the operator.

Strip Sprayers

The rugged Weldcraft strip sprayers feature a spray control system, TDXL tee jet nozzles, hydraulic swing side booms, a rear boom and a Cat C3.4B Turbo Tier 4 Final engine.  Regardless or tree size and row spacing, the strip sprayers can adjust to the orchard conditions and different operator techniques. Weldcraft’s strip sprayers have a 20’ turning radius and come standard with a 300 gallon tank. Options include upgrading to a 400 gallon tank, twin backup monitoring cameras, and up to 6 separate spray controls.

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Parts & Services

Keep your harvesting equipment running with OEM parts. Contact your local Quinn branch today for parts and service on your new or used Weldcraft equipment. Our team of well-trained, highly skilled technicians are available for field service to get your equipment back up and reduce your downtime.

Used Equipment

Quinn Ag Products offers a variety of used ag equipment and used harvesting equipment for sale. We have a wide range of used equipment to fit any budget and finance plan. Call us today at  888.987.8466  or fill out a Contact Form for a free quote or more information!

Weldcraft orchard equipment is what you need to bring in your next harvest. Contact your local Quinn Ag sales representative today to find out more.