Turbo-Mist™ Sprayer Attachments

Turbo-Mist™ Versatility. Built to fit.

Turbo-mist sprayer attachments are built to fit any Turbo-mist sprayer manufactured since 1960. Improve spray coverage, reduce drift, reduce noise and reduce fuel usage with a Turbo-Mist spray attachment.

Scorpion tower – for tight growing conditions. The scorpion tower was designed for maximum versatility.  It’s adjustable height allows for coverage in tight growing conditions.

High density tower family – reduce drift  in tight planting conditions. The high-density family of towers are ideal for tight planting conditions and are adjustable for angle and air direction.

Cannons – give coverage close to the machine. Available in both tall and short configurations, can reach 60 to 90 feet, and only require 35 hp.

Citrus tower – an adjustable tower that can be unbolted from its frame. The Turbo-Mist™ citrus tower was designed with flexibility in mind. In addition to both side and top outlets, the citrus tower can be unbolted from its frame or folded over the tank reducing storage space and easing transportation.

Hops tower – full canopy coverage with top trellis outlets. The hops tower offers full canopy penetration with its set of spray outlets in the top trellis directing air into difficult spaces.

Hop outlet – increases the height of the sprayer. The hop outlet includes the traditional right and left spray pattern along with pushing air vertically.

Leaf blower – clears debris in the weed area on both sides at the same time. Blow both sides of the row at the same time with the Turbo-Mist™ leaf blower.

Under vine blower – provides complete coverage. With adjustable wings, air vanes, and adjustable nozzles, the under vine blower used with the grape tower provides complete coverage.

Grape tower – ensures exceptional grape quality. The grape tower has optional spray outlet adjustable arms and can accommodate either single drive rows or multi rows.

Blueberry tower – designed fore mature plantations. The blueberry tower directs spray laden air to the top of the plants. When used with traditional air outlets, the blueberry tower can cover the inside and outside of the bush.

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