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One Truck For All Your Needs

Get the EMC B10 for $7,500 from Quinn Lift today!

When you need one truck for all your needs – you need the Jungheinrich EMC B10 walkie stacker.

The Jungheinrich walkie stacker EMC B10 offers you the perfect solution for various transport distances and lift height. Whether for short distances solely in pedestrian mode, medium distances with combined pedestrian/rider operation or long distances with rider operation. Capacities up 2,200 lb and a range of lift heights up to 60.5” suit varied operations.

Walkie straddle stackers feature fast lifting speed for improved productivity, compact and maneuverable operation within narrow aisles, and are designed for precise and gentle depositing of fragile loads onto racking or the floor. The stacker’s lowering speed is electro-hydraulically controlled in 2 stages and can be controlled through a button on the handle head (optional).

Offer expires December 31, 2020.

Click here to download our Jungheinrich EMC B10 walkie stacker flyer.

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