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Cat® Advansys™ GET – The Right Solutions for the Toughest Jobs

Protect expensive machine components, reduce operating costs, and get the most out of your machine’s performance. Built for demanding applications, Cat® Advansys™ Ground Engaging Tools (GET) perform shift after shift.

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Cat Advansys Benefits:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Hammerless installation
  • Simplified installation
  • Simplified retrofitting
  • Simplified ordering
  • Increased fuel efficiency








Cat Advansys System Reliability

  • Stronger adapter noses are designed with up to 50^ stress reduction
  • Improved adapter nose geometry reduces sliding wear on adapter nose surfaces extending the life of the adapter
  • Improved tip shapes shadow the adapter straps and welds for longer adapter life
  • Top covers available for double strap adapters and full adapter covers available for high abrasion flush mount adapters 

Cat Advansys Hammerless Installation and Removal

  • Half turn of retention locks and unlocks the CapSure retention
  • Only 1 1/2″ or 3/4″ breaker bar is required to change the tips
  • Retention components come installed in tips








Standardize Your Fleet with Cat GET

We can help you standardize your fleet with Cat Advansys GET.

Proper selection of GET has a direct effect on the productivity, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs of your machine. Our product support representatives can help you establish an effective management program that minimizes preventable problems. Contact your local sales representative to get started protecting your investment.






Choose Cat Advanysys and save up to 15% off and a 15% productivity increase in trenching applications due to improved tip and adapter geometry. Ready to order? Order online today at

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