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Challenger 1000 Series



Farm Smarter with the Challenger 1000 Series Tractor.

The Challenger 1000 series fixed-frame tractors are built for year round use – capable of handling the work of an articulated tractor with the power and agility to perform tillage and row crop applications.

With a horsepower range of 396 to 517, a weight range of 31,204 lbs. to 50,706 lbs, and flexible and unique ballasting options, the Challenger 1000 high-horsepower tractor performs year-round, doing the work of two tractors.

The Challenger 1000 series is the perfect tractor for multiple applications. It was designed and built to succeed in planting, tilling, seeding, pulling grain carts and sprayers and so much more.

Smart Power.

An engine and powertrain that work together perfectly maximize engine power at slow speeds. So you can pull the heaviest implements through the toughest conditions, with maximum torque and minimum fuel usage. And you always get optimized traction and flotation, and tremendous pulling power.

Introducing AccuEngineering – Superior Engineering. Superior Performance. Superior Productivity.CH1000_Ag_Tractor_Accuterminal

The intuitive touch-screen terminal manages all tractor settings and adjustments, monitor and control ISOBUS implements, camera functions, TaskDoc Documentation, guidance, and variable applications to avoid overlapping and move data wirelessly.

Tractor Management Center – Easy operation for a sophisticated machine.

All functions in the terminal or on the multi-function armrest are color coordinated, and the ergonomic design keeps all tasks and functions comfortably within the operator’s reach, reducing time and fatigue. With one hand on the wheel and one hand on the multi-function joystick, you’re in total control at all times.

Turn Effect.

Reduce your turning circles by 10%. Combine a no-fixed drive ratio, with variable four-wheel drive and you get a four-wheel drive that can actively pull the tractor in a curve.
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Delivering more power to the ground, more efficiently, intuitively and intelligently than ever before.

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