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Archive for Cat Machines

How to Order Cat® Parts Online

When you need replacement parts for your Cat® equipment and want to make the order process as fast as possible, turn to Parts.Cat.Com. When you order Cat parts from, you’ll have a full suite of tools available to help you quickly find and purchase Cat parts. 

If you’re interested …

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6 Benefits of Buying Used Heavy Equipment

There are plenty of good reasons to buy used construction equipment rather than new equipment, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. One of the primary advantages of buying used heavy equipment is its lower price, but it has other advantages as well. If you’re a contractor looking to invest in a …

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6 Safety Tips for Mini Excavators


Cat Mini Excavators deliver high performance, durability and versatility to work in a variety of applications. However, to be productive, your operators need to be safe.

Below are a few essential mini excavator safety tips to follow on the job site, to keep your operators safe and your project on …

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4 Reasons to Use a Mini Excavator

While some applications require the power of a standard or large excavator, power isn’t everything when it comes to certain jobs. Mini excavators offer several advantages over their larger counterparts, including:

Less impact. Because they are smaller and lighter, mini excavators leave reduced track marks and cause less ground damage.… Read More

4 Tips on Buying Used Heavy Equipment

If you’ve decided that buying used machinery is the right avenue for your next equipment investment, then there are a few things to consider when selecting the right piece. You’ll need to think of your business needs both in the short- and long-term. With so much selection available, it’s important …

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