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Cat® Trial 11: Hot Wheels®

Check out Cat® Trial 11: Hot Wheels®
As a kid, did you ever wonder what it would be like to play with real life Hot Wheels®? Yeah, us too! That’s why we created Cat® Trial 11: Hot Wheels®, where five cars driven by professional stunt drivers get to show off their skills in an epic playground created by NextGen Cat Wheel Loaders and other Cat gear. Not only did our team design and create the track for Trial 11, but each of the five cars featured highlight a different Cat service.
Interested in learning more about how we brought this childhood dream to life? Check out Cat® Trial 11: Hot Wheels® | Behind The Scenes

Cat® Trial 11: Hot Wheels® | Behind The Scenes Time Lapse – See how Cat brought Hot Wheels® to life with a full-sized track.

The power of play with toys like Hot Wheels® is a great way to introduce kids to STEM education. Whether they’re determined to create the most challenging track set up or coming up with ways to improve their car’s performance, these experiences inspire innovation and creativity at a young age.