Technicians for North America

Join Caterpillar’s Technicians for North America (T4NA) free online training program.

T4NA is completely virtual, completely free, and offers the opportunity for a great future as a service technician.

Created for those seeking a new exciting career as a service technician, you can achieve your Certificate of Complete in just 3-6 months, beginning an exciting journey towards a possible career as a well paid and highly valued service technician in the heavy equipment industry.

Is T4NA right for me?

Caterpillar has created this curriculum using courses from the Caterpillar University Global Service Technician Training program. If any of the below circumstances apply to you, T4NA is right for you!

  • If you have no previous education or knowledge in this field but are curious to know if it’s right for you, this is a great way to find out.
  • If you are a student in a vocational school pursuing a technical diploma, this is a great way to expand your knowledge and add to your resume.
  • If you are an existing technician interested in getting basic training developed by Caterpillar to improve employability, T4NA may be the perfect solution.

What’s included in the certificate?

The curriculum consists of 18 courses:

  • Four introductory courses
  • Ten Level 1 courses
  • Four Level 2 courses

The courses are interesting and compelling with lots of interactivity and animation. Completion time is estimated to take approximately 3-6 months.

Ready to get started? Begin your journey today! Click here to get started.