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Battery UPS – A Few Simple Steps Could Save You Thousands…

It is a known fact that a company cannot operate without electricity. Many contemporary industries require a source of power that is both clean and continuous. It is an unfortunate fact that a business’s primary energy source cannot be completely reliable. From transmission line or cable failure to lightning-triggered flashovers, any variety of uncontrollable external occurrences can cause a power supply to abruptly drop or spike in voltage or to cease entirely. Equipment within a company building such as motors, compressors, and computers can produce high or low voltage situations and send harmonics into the system. The effects of such disturbances can be disastrous: system downtime, lost or corrupted data, and damage to equipment can all result from poor power quality.

There are some simple procedures that facility managers can perform between inspection periods to ensure that their UPS remains properly maintained. Click here to learn more.