4 Tips on Buying Used Heavy Equipment

If you’ve decided that buying used machinery is the right avenue for your next equipment investment, then there are a few things to consider when selecting the right piece. You’ll need to think of your business needs both in the short- and long-term. With so much selection available, it’s important to narrow down your options and invest in the best possible machine for your needs. Here are some tips for buying used construction equipment:

1. Determine Machinery Applications

Every piece of heavy machinery is designed for an ideal role. Backhoesexcavators, and loaders are each designed to accomplish unique tasks, making them efficient and productive for certain jobs. When buying used equipment, assess your current fleet and determine which machinery applications you need the most to improve your operations and profitability.

2. Choose the Right Equipment Size

It’s not enough to know which type of machinery you need, you also need to know the correct capacity you require. Buying machines that are undersized for your project needs can lead to inefficient work, taking longer to complete projects. But buying machines that are overkill for the job also presents risks and higher operating costs. Be sure to consult with a heavy equipment specialist to determine the right size of equipment for your typical jobs.

3. Know Your Work Site Conditions

When buying used equipment, you’ll also need to consider the environment in which you’ll be operating your machine. Consider the typical job sites you work on and what features your equipment needs to run successfully. Think about climate and whether you need an enclosed or covered cab. The job site’s terrain will also determine whether you need tracks or wheels on your machines.

4. Understand Attachment Capabilities

Work tool attachments can give your machine extreme versatility, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. Before purchasing used equipment, be sure that the model you’re looking at is compatible with the types of attachments you’ll be running. You’ll also need to think ahead about what work tool attachments you may need for future projects as your business grows.

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